What is Your Life Message?

Billy Joe Daugherty shares in his book, 360 Life, the story of a young lady whose story describes the danger and effects of purposelessness. Below is an excerpt of Jamie’s story. 

“I was born into a very dysfunctional home filled with alcohol and abuse. Darkness is the only word that describes it.
By age 12, I started coping with the abuse by drinking hard liquor, smoking marijuana and cigarettes, and by stealing compulsively for the thrill.
Despite my emotional pain over the abuse and abandonment, I couldn’t cry. When I felt as I wanted to cry, I’d cut instead. In those years, I always referred to the blood as “my tears.”
With all the addictions, I worked four jobs just to pay for it all. I would take a lot of pills so that I could face people at work. I didn’t want to be around anybody. Finally, an oral infection due to bulima took me within three days of death.
I just cried out to God, You made my life miserable! Obviously you want to me to die miserably to teach families to love their children.

I did everything that I could to kill myself that week. In desperation, I searched on the Internet for ways I could commit suicide…
My thoughts were desperate as I pleaded with God to let me die: God why am I here? Can you please just let me die? I have tried this so many times- I just want to leave this place. There’s nothing good left for me. And I’m hurting every day. Just let me leave this world.
The Lord was so gentle that His love changed my life. He told me ‘Jamie, you don’t know the plans I have for you…’

After that experience with God, light was introduced into the darkness of Jamie’s life. God showed her that she was on earth for a reason and until she fulfilled that purpose, death was not an option. Now, Jamie is an instrument in God hands, helping and encouraging others to see that God does not intend anyone’s life to be a waste.


I believe that suicide is the highest level of purposelessness anyone can experience. That is perhaps why anyone who commits suicide would leave a note saying he or she had no other reason to live! What a tragedy.

The World Health Organization estimates that approximately, one person dies by suicide every 40 seconds somewhere in the world and 1.8% of the world’s deaths are suicides! Youth suicide is also said to be increasing at the greatest rate as suicide is now the third leading cause of death for young people between 15-24 years. Take some time to think about this. How many people have committed suicide within the length of time it has taken you to read this piece thus far?

This is tragic and it breaks God’s heart that so many people continue to live their lives committing suicide slowly as they live as though there is no reason for their existence.

You are not an accident. God would not have created you if there was not a need that required your conception. Your birth was not the birth of just another human. See what your creator says about you:

“I knew you before you were formed within your mother’s womb; before you were born I sanctified you and appointed you as my spokesman to the world.”

Is that not amazing? Your parents may not have planned your birth but God definitely did. There may be illegitimate parents; there are never illegitimate children.

Life is more than just going to school, getting a job, getting married, having children, building a house, buying a car and of course, dying. Life (as God intended) is about a making a difference. Life is about discovering the divine purpose for which you were born in this exact moment of history right in the exact place you call home today.
How can you discover your purpose? Discover God and discover yourself. Discover God by accepting His invitation to a relationship with Him through Jesus, the Christ. Discover yourself by understanding your potentials. If God has made you who you are and capable of doing certain things, your identity and potentials definitely have relevance to why He created you.

Life does not make much sense without an understanding of the purpose of your existence. He who has not discovered purpose is not living. He is just surviving. The difference between him and he that has committed suicide is the opportunity to yet discover Purpose.

This is my life message. Preaching Purpose is why I am on earth. God has made you to be his spokesperson. Your purpose gives you a message for the world! What is your life message?


For the next few weeks, I would be featuring friends who have found their purposes and who believe they have a message. I trust that you will be inspired by them and you will be stirred to live fully to die empty!

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