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Korede Adejobi: The “God-brand”

Having heard so much on the issue of purpose, I began to wonder what mine was. I wondered and wandered, trying to figure it out without consulting the One who had destined me for “the purpose”. My frustration led me back to the same One- God, in whom we find who we are and what we are living for.*

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I later understood that God has sent man to earth, to rule on his behalf. As such, man is God’s ambassador extending his reign to earth and establishing God’s kingdom on earth. Unfortunately, man made a mess of this dominion and has since been searching for it.

I found out that God in fact sent Jesus to restore man to His dominion. I believe therefore that the Church is meant to be like God’s embassy on earth, wherein, man can enjoy the presence of Heaven, his home country.

To this point I had no problems. But certain questions began to burden my heart. Is the establishment of God’s kingdom meant for just the Church? Do I have to be a pastor to play my part in establishing God’s Kingdom on Earth?

I believe the Kingdom needs not only be established IN the Church, but much more OUTSIDE the Church. Ordinarily, the Church ought to already carry the Kingdom and I am certain that while the religious organization we call the Church today may not, God’s Church is under His reign.


Thus, our responsibility to establish the Kingdom of God is not a matter that is limited to our religious activities. We have the responsibility to establish the Kingdom of God in our sphere of influence. This could be in our various fields of endeavor- offices, homes, schools, marketplace etc., and through any means according to the plan and purpose of Him who has called us. Ours is just “to stand up among nations and governments, to pull up and tear down, take apart and demolish, and then start over building and planting- the Kingdom here on earth.**
Our job is to create a replica of heaven on earth, with God managing the affairs through us.

The message of my life purpose has been and remains that Christians should break the “Sacred-Secular divide”. We need to begin to see our jobs as our ministries- our opportunities to create God-brand of our Jobs. We need to take the message of God’s Kingdom to the World.

On the whole, I challenge you to live life therefore as one whose basic concern is bringing “the God-brand” to the awareness and knowledge of the world!

  • Eph. 1:11
    ** Jer. 1:9

Korede Adejobi is currently studying for a law degree at the University of Ibadan. She is passionate about God’s plan to make the Earth a colony of Heaven, particularly the need for Christians to manifest the whole life of God on earth. Contact:

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