A Pack of Cards


Sometimes ago, I read the story of Hang Woo Suk a scientist who in 2004 made the Time’s list of “People Who Mattered.” He was particularly honored for his work that proved that human cloning was no science fiction but real. His talents were incredible, his drive remarkable and he rose to become a professor and a national celebrity in South Korea and beyond.

But it all fell like a pack of cards when it was announced that a large part of his works had been fabricated and he was indicted for embezzlement and bioethics law violation. It was true that he cloned a dog. But nothing else was true. He had a great talent but his character leaked! His talents became irrelevant and that was the end of his career.

Hwang found a purpose to live for. He had the talents to pull through but he had no character to sustain his rising. When values, thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment, a person becomes focused and his character is strengthened.

Very briefly, I want to share three keys to developing sound character for your pursuit of purpose. These are some of the elements of my personal creed for building a strong character.

One, always remember that the little things matter. Your character is like a tall building made with blocks. Each block is important. What you think, do and say no matter how seemingly insignificant they look, matter to who you are. Learn to constantly do the little things right.

Two, always count the cost of your promises. Don’t make a promise you cannot keep. When you say you will do something, be sure to follow through on it. An unfulfilled promise is a breach of trust. It is never good for business.

Three, always take full responsibility for your actions. Never be afraid to own up to your wrongs. Saying you are sorry is not a crime. When you are wrong, don’t find someone else to blame. Take responsibility for your actions. Decide now, that you don’t have a price.

Nothing can be more dangerous than a skyscraper built on the foundation of a bungalow. Wherever you are in the pursuit of your purpose, your gifts will make a room for you, but only your character will keep you there. Commit to being a person of integrity, reliability and sound character. Always remember that the little things matter, your promises count and it is cowardice to run away from responsibility.

What other principles have formed your creed in building a strong character for your pursuit of purpose? Kindly drop a comment.

I call you blessed.


Basic Steps to Making a Life

There is space for you!

In their book Now, Discover Your Strengths, Marcus Buckingham and David Clifton state that every person is capable of doing something better than the next ten thousand people! This assertion is attested to by our Creator Himself in His Word as we are told that every man has his own area of ability to do well.
It is my understanding that the key to enjoying limitless opportunities is in the understanding, releasing and maximising of your potentials.

The house of Israel had to move from Canaan to Egypt as a result of the terrible famine that ravaged the world at the time.
This change definitely had implications for them, chief of which was the fact that the Egyptians detested Shepherds. The Hebrews being shepherds, would have to restrict their expansion to Goshen, the North Eastern part of Egypt.

But then, Scriptures tell us some of them will be entering the service of the Egyptian Pharaoh and would definitely have access to opportunities that flow with working for royalty. But this offer was not for all.

…if you know of any among them with special ability, put them in charge of my own livestock.

The offer was strictly for those who had special ability- the finest of them all!

I believe there is a principle we must learn here. Even in the Egypts where shepherds are detested, there is space for those who have special ability.

Men with special abilities are always sought after because they are the answers to the questions!

We are all born with special abilities by which we can do things in a manner no one else can. This means that there is space for every one of us to not just make a living but to make a life!

But how do you make this happen? Here are some thoughts:

1. Discover your gifts

This is the first question you must ask yourself. What can you do? What do you know how to do best? What are your gifts and talents? By the light of God’s Word, you can unravel what you are capable of doing.
You may also want to ask from friends close to you. But God is the best source of the answer to the question of what you can do.

2. Refine your gifts

When you find your gifts, they don’t automatically convert to space for you. You must sharpen your axe. You don’t discover refined gold. You refine discovered gold. You cannot reach your full potentials unless you refine your gifts. Otherwise, you may just get trapped in mediocrity.
Practice. Read. Seek the gurus. Be mentored.

3. Serve your gifts

Someone once said your gifts require responsibility in order to expose your possibilities. As you refine your gifts, embrace responsibility. Serve your gifts to the world. Begin with the little things. Serve your way to greatness. Learn to go the extra mile.

It definitely takes more than talent to succeed in life. No success story is possible without Grace, focus, practice, perseverance and character development. But discovering, refining and serving your gift to the world are very important steps to standing out and being sought after.

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