The Seven Gates of the Society

The Seven Gates of the SocietyYour understanding of your specific Kingdom Purpose cannot be said to be complete without a knowledge of the fact that your Purpose is intended to better the world. Although, your Purpose is spiritual and eternal, it is meant to affect your society here on earth. Any Purpose discovered which does not affect your society for good cannot be from God.

This piece is about the society your Purpose is to bless. I want to share what started as a burden for intercession for the society but which has clearly become the parameters by which change is measured in the society today. Any reformation, transformation or change that will occur to our society today falls under either of these Gates.

The first time I came across a list of these gates was while reading Cindy Jacobs’ Reformation Manifesto. The phenomenon is credited to the works of Loren Cunningham and Bill Bright. These two believed that these there were seven chief areas in which our society needed to be transformed. Later and more recently, Peter Wagner developed and modified the wordings independently in his book The Church in the Workplace. He referred to them as the Apostolic spheres.

I hope that through this piece, your desire to inspire change in your world will be fuelled more specifically. I hope that by your understanding of where your unique Purpose falls, you will be moved to possess the gate in which you were made and have been called to operate.

#1: Government
This covers the areas of politics, legislation, foreign affairs, the judiciary etc. The Scripture says that ‘woe to the city whose king is a child’. I believe this is the problem of several (particularly, African) countries. Our leaders are children who seek only their own satisfaction. They are feeding on the wealth of the nation while those who voted them to power suffer. God is raising men who will be voices of righteousness and will speak against the moral decadence that have plagued our society. We have had men like William Wilberforce and Abraham Kuyper, God is raising more!

#2: Media and Communication
This covers areas like the mass media, the movie industry, newspapers and the likes. More than ever before, the media is playing a big role in our society. Our thoughts and paradigms are being shaped by the media. The entertainment industry is definitely a major mind moulder and a major influencer of culture today. Politicians control us with the media. I know of movies like Courageous, The Grace Card and Fireproof. We need more!

#3: Marketplace
This covers professionals like doctors, engineers, lawyers etc. We all can definitely not be pastors. God is raising men and women who will be professionals and Christians. God is raising professionals who will not compromise their stand for righteousness but through whom justice will roll down like water and righteousness like an overflowing stream.

#4: Arts
This covers writers, artistes, poets and even bloggers. These are people are major players in the area of media and communication also. We need more writers who will influence thoughts with inspired rhetorics and biblical information. We need cartoon blogs that will communicate the gospel message comically.

#5: Education
I am convinced that this a very important area of our society that needs spiritual transformation. This is because it has its influence more on the youth and children. Jesus recognised the importance of this gate when he commanded us to teach all nations. We need teachers who will not just teach anatomy but who will also help our students to realize the purpose of the human body as the carrier of the human spirit. We need to revive the spiritual foundation that is laid for our young people in the early years of their learning.

#6: Family
The family is the smallest unit of the society. Yet every problem with the society find its root in the family. A friend of mine once noted that it is amazing what 4 or 5 year olds know about sex about women. They don’t even know how to spell their names but they know so much about this once sacred part of the human life. It is said that one out of ten marriages ends in divorce. This points to the need for a transformation in our families. God is raising men and women who will be committed to building families that will be models. We are in dire need of men who will be models for our young boys and women who will helping wives and not competitive mates.

#7: Church and Ministry
It is very heart breaking that the church today has becoming a conforming organization rather than a transforming embassy of God’s Kingdom on earth. We have a long lists of pastors, prophets, apostles, Christians who speak in tongues and millions who wear nice clothes on Sunday but little difference is made in our society. I believe God is raising men who will refuse to be traditional but who will be led by God’s Spirit to provide spiritual leadership for God’s people. I believe that soon laws will come forth from Zion and the Church will become the world’s greatest attraction!

I am not an expert in any of these fields. But I am convinced that God is raising men and women who will be experts in them and who will be true to their calling to repossess these gates for the recolonization of the earth. I do pray that you will find your part in God’s plan to change nations today!

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