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When I started this blog, it was my mandate to help people find the reason for their existence and maximise their potentials in the pursuit of their purpose. Although, I have tried to talk about various issues as I have found them relevant to my goal, I feel the need to talk more specifically to those who still seek discovery.

One of the biggest truths that has confronted me in my pursuit to help find and give a deeper meaning to their lives by understanding the intention of the creator for their lives is the fact that I cannot tell people their purposes.

There are very few instances where I am inspired to believe that solving a particular problem is the purpose of a friend I just spoke with. But this happens rarely.

Purpose discovery is about You and Your relationship with Your creator. Your purpose can only be discovered by relating personally with your Creator. Only God can tell you your purpose. It is very important that we get this truth because only God can sustain our pursuit too. It all starts and ends with God.

That said, I believe that purpose discovery is not always exclusively a matter of prayer and fasting. While these are integral to the whole process, your discovery is basically a gaining of understanding- what I like to call “your a-ha moment!” It is that moment (or for some, a series of moments) when it all begins to make sense- your gifts, passion, personality, experiences- all begin to lead somewhere and you get this sense of “I was made for this!”

Thus, it all depends on your ability to hear and be connected to God. I believe the process of discovery always involves a level of Holy Spirit co-ordinated soul-searching aimed at helping you uncover your true self and understanding your SHAPE. You were designed for your assignment. So, understanding your design will help in finding that for which you were assigned!

If you are at this stage of purpose discovery, I want to ask you to find some time alone with God and attend to this three-part questionnaire adapted from my gleanings from Don Cousin’s Experiencing Leadershift. I believe your discovery could be aided by them.

Part 1

List what you believe to be your primary spiritual gifts and talents. Then write a one or two sentence definition of each gift you list. Your spiritual gifts and talents were given to you with your purpose in view. Understanding them is important to your discovery and pursuit.

Part 2

Write a paragraph stating what you’re most passionate about. What is it that really get your juices flowing? What turns your crank, keeps you awake at night? What or who do you feel deeply about? If you could focus all your life in a particular direction, what would it be? If you could do something without pay, what would it be? This would reflect your passion and your unique heartbeat for God.

Part 3

Have you ever experienced a deep satisfaction doing something with a feeling that God’s power was released through you? Have you done something before that felt like God showed up while you did it? What were you doing when you had this experience? Highlight 5 of such experiences in which you felt God’s pleasure. This would help open your eyes to the possibility that you are already in pursuit, but just didn’t know.

If the experiences you shared have something in common that reflects your passion and express your gifts, you might just have found purpose. I want to beg you to let God lead you through the process. Don’t assume you have found purpose until you hear a Word from him to confirm your discovery and tell you what is next!


If you have issues with hearing God, Rick Warren has been doing a series on this on his Daily Hope devotional. You can find help there!

I would love to help and hear from you. If you would like to share issues from your search for your life assignment with me or would want me to hear the story of your pursuit, kindly contact me! It would be my greatest pleasure to be part of what God wants to do through you!

Guest Posts


It's precepts upon precepts!

Like most students, (if not all, I don’t envy the remaining few) I hate exams. I wish that we can read and study and do all that but not have to write exams. The season of examinations is that time when my campus is very dry and quiet with everybody walking silently as if what they’ve read is in the danger of evaporation. It is this examination period that I want to blame for my inability to blog this post yesterday. It is also because of exams that you can be sure this piece will be as short as it can be.
I just want to share the story of my friend, Oladejo Oluwatoosin. She is a young poet and I am sure you’ll be blessed by the poem she has graciously agreed to share on this platform.

“I’m a young girl who has overtime come to realize that I was made to Worship! For some time. I had been trying to find out what exactly God would have me do to impart my world. I used to think that the whole picture was going to be revealed all at once until I got hold of Isaiah 28:9-10 and vs 10 especially.
Indeed it has been precept upon precept, line upon line and getting a little here and there. As His plans for my life still unfold, I have gotten to see that He gave me two things that drive me crazy; the ability to write inspirational rhythmic poems and also to sing and write songs. I call these EXPRESSIONS from my heart to glorify God and bless men. He reminds me every time that these gifts are for His glory and also for the blessings of His people. And each time I do these things, I’m so convinced that I was made for this. I’m not there yet. It’s precept upon precept.
My poems mean a lot to me. They’re basically words from God to me that He desires I share with others. They speak about who God is to me, how He’d have me live, the desires He’s put in me to see things go right in my generation.”

That’s her story. This is her poem:


Destinies in captivity
Waiting to be delivered
People who want to live for eternity
Longing to be recovered

Lives seeking freedom
Just to do Your Will
They want to live for Your Kingdom
And worship with hearts quiet and still

Souls desiring to fulfil their time
With passion for purpose as well
They need a favourable clime
To be no longer trapped in a cell

In their helpless state
They plead for Your Salvation
So they can carry out the mandate
And thus, enjoy inner satisfaction

Hearken to their cry Oh Lord!
These weary souls revive
To dead and dry potentials, speak your Word
And they’ll sure come alive!

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.



So, a lot has been said about the importance of purpose discovery and pursuit, but how exactly can a person discover why he is on earth?

This question is one that readily confronts me when I get to share my life message with people. Unfortunately, however, I do not always have a straight-forward answer. I still don’t.

There is just no “how to” for the discovery of purpose. I do believe there are steps and guiding principles towards the discovery of your life assignment but there is no rigid way around discovering why you are on earth. Because only God can tell you why you are here, it always falls back on your relationship with Him, how you hear Him on several other matters and your readiness to be led by His Spirit. That is the baseline.

Finding your life assignment. Photo Credits: BMclvr via flickr

When gathering materials for this piece, I decided to discuss the topic with a couple of my friends who I know have discovered to an extent, their life assignments. Their responses can be summarised in that of Bamidele Jane Opeyemi published verbatim:

For a person in a confused state about his/her identity. The first thing is to assure such a person that he/she is already on the path to discovery; cos until you’re no longer able to tolerate a life of mediocrity you may not take it serious.
I’m afraid I may be sounding overly spiritual but having gone through the experience myself I can’t help but say every other method will fail for one whose goal is to please the Master.
Listening for his voice does not erase the need for quality planning. However, it all starts and end in God.
Having established that, you must allow the person to know that the question of purpose is bigger than him/her as such he needs a guide. And this guide is God (the manufacturer) who has the manual for his creation. He/she should consult with Him. All this appears abstract without a viable relationship with God and a consistent SECRET PLACE experience, as it will be revealed progressively that is, one day at a time.

I have summarised all that Jane said into two principles: Discover God; Discover Yourself.

Discovery of God

We look at this Son and see the God who cannot be seen. We look at this Son and see God’s original purpose in everything created. For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels— everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him. Colossians 1:15-17 MSG

In 3 REASONS FINDING PURPOSE STARTS WITH FINDING GOD, I established why I believe the discovery of Purpose starts with God. I stated three reasons why God-discovery is the rock upon which self and purpose discovery rest.

First, God is your Creator
Second, He is your source
Third, Purpose is about God not you!
To discover purpose, you must first discover God, or rather, key into God’s discovery of you. Do you have a relationship with God? Is Jesus your personal Lord and Saviour? Do you daily live and walk by the dictates of the Holy Spirit? How does God speak to you? These are issues you must first address.


God has designed you with your assignment in mind. You were designed to be assigned. Thus understanding your design is key to understanding your assignment. Rick Warren, in his best-selling book, Purpose Driven Life, talks about knowing your SHAPE. What are your gifts and talents? What does your heart beat seriously for? What experiences has life given you to make you who you uniquely are? I have written a piece on this on this platform before. You may see that here.

I should state at this point, that you must be careful of self-help books which tell you to look within for who you are and who you were created to be. I believe the right thing is  to look up to God. Only in God can we find an accurate assessment of our abilities. Outside of God, our assessment is essentially flawed.

Only the manufacturer can tell you what a product can do. To know the purpose and capacity of a product, you must consult the manufacturer’s manual. To discover yourself and the purpose of your existence, you must bury yourself in God’s Word to understand who God says you are and what you are made up of.

The discovery of Purpose is essentially a gaining of understanding into why you are on earth. It is not entirely a matter of spending 40 days or more on one mountain in an ancient town. That may work for some but not all. Thus, any way you believe God speaks to you to shed light on your path is a way God can help you discover purpose.

Prayer, study, meditation and reading are basic ways God speaks to me by His Spirit. I discovered purpose by those means. You will have to discover and develop your ability to hear God. Of this I am certain, God is willing to talk to you about why He has placed you here and now!

Walking with God in obedience, and faithfulness is key to living fully to die empty. While understanding your life assignment is important, cultivating the habit of walking with God and living by His Word daily is hugely important for the maximisation of your potentials and the realization of your dreams. God will not lead you away from His Purpose for your Life!

Because I believe in the need for you to live in the Bible and visit many books, I love to recommend some books to people I speak with on this subject. I’ll be glad if you take this one step to discover the purpose of your existence by seeking understanding through your interaction with the Wisdom shared in the following books.
Purpose Driven Life- Rick Warren
S.H.A.P.E- Eric Rees
The Assignment- Mike Murdock

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.