The Sands of Time


When I think about the quality of the impact my life will be remembered for, I always imagine that my works will outlive me. You know, leaving my footprints in the sands of time. I think we all share this aspiration. Perhaps, it is a shared mark of our humanity to seek to create legacies by which we are known even long after we are gone. But how do we go about leaving our footprints of time? How should we live if we will matter beyond our time? What is the secret of men who have by the work of their hands accomplished immortality?

I believe there are no straight jacket answers to these questions. However, creating and maintaining the culture of excellence appears to be a principle that has worked for men across times and borders. The legendary Michelangelo made a practice of excellence. He made mastery his core value and history remembers him for it. But he did not arrive at this point by accident. Once, he said “If  people  knew  how  hard  I  had  to work  to gain  my  mastery, it  would  not  seem  so wonderful at all”

Centuries ago, the great Aristotle quipped that “Excellence is not an act, it’s a habit.” Thus, we will do well to pay attention to this principle once again especially as regards the pursuit of why God has put us here in the first place.

  1. Excel at being who you are

Purpose is first about who we are before what we do. So, embracing excellence must begin with excelling at being who we are. You see, each of us was created by God with a mark of uniqueness that makes us stand out of the crowd. Our pursuit of excellence must first be about living out our uniqueness to the best of our God-given ability. You have to develop a resolve to release all of your deepest potentials before you sign out of this side of eternity. You have to commit yourself to revealing only the best version of you and nothing less.

  1. Excel at doing what you do

Sometime ago, I read an article in which John Maxwell wrote that to gain a reputation for excellence necessitates delivering results whenever you’re called upon. Hit-and-miss performers are neither trusted nor respected. On the other hand, those who repeatedly demonstrate competence gain credibility, and their credibility paves the way to influence. We all must come to the point in which we consistently give our best in all that we do every day irrespective of who is at the receiving end of our actions. Who you work for, the government or yourself, must not be a factor to determine how much effort you will put into your work.

Scripture says a man who is diligent in his work will stand before Kings and not mere men. What this means is that those who consistently deliver excellence in who they are and what they do always become sought after. Because they are constantly improving themselves making sure they are better today than they were yesterday, they never become outdated. They are those whose footprints stay in the sands of time never to be blown away by the wind of forgotten memories.

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You matter to me always.


The God-Push!

Photo by Randy Santa Ana via flickr.

Jesus: Good morning, Dad.
The Father: Good morning, Son. I am sure the night was restful. You had a long day yesterday.
Jesus: Yes, Dad. The crowd was overwhelming. Lucifer has had his way for too long. My heart was broken as I saw men you created to have dominion dominated by sickness, diseases, demons and sin. More than ever before, I am convinced that the Kingdom message is the true message they need to hear right now. Only if Your Will will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!
The Father: You are right, Son. Humans really need to realize, understand and embrace the Kingdom and that is why I have sent you to them. I know you still remember the words Isaiah wrote about you. That is why I want you to move on to other villages and towns and soon, commission your friends to go to the ends of the earth. You know you have little time. The night cometh when no man can work.
Jesus: Hmmm..
The Father: I know you have had a great success in Capernaum and people will come looking for you this morning. But I have other plans for you. New opportunities await you in nearby villages. Cross the sea. Endure sleepless nights. Just be sure to get your message to other regions. There are some wonderful people I want you to meet in Bethany. A dead man will even be raised. This is just the beginning. Don’t be a local champion. Move on to other villages!
Jesus: Okay, Dad. I’ll do as you have said. Now let’s get to work!

The above is an imaginary conversation between Jesus and the Father during his devotion early in the morning after a very successful and powerful ministration the day before. I hope you get the message.

As we learn to tarry with the Father in the place of prayer and study of the Word, we can be clear about where we are and should be in God’s plan for our lives. God pushes us further away from our last successes as we fellowship with him daily. Our sense of purpose is sharpened daily through solitude with the Father, so that despite the alluring invitation of the honey in the corpse of the lion of yesterday’s victory, we can ignore the former things and embrace new opportunities, fresh ideas and boldly move on to maximise our potentials.

Jesus replied, “Let us go somewhere else—to the nearby villages—so I can preach there also. That is why I have come.”
Mark 1:38 NIV

Jesus was driven by the understanding of his purpose. He knew why he had come and was not ready to sacrifice his potentials on the altar of localized popularity. Beyond that, he understood the power of his message and knew how significant it was for people to hear His message.

Regardless of the extent of your successes today, God has planned a glorious future for you. Maybe it’s time to go somewhere else and achieve greater things but first, do you know why you have come?


Quotes and Thoughts on Potential


John Maxwell is one of my favourite authors. Asides his teachings and principles on leadership, I also love to read his books because of how he delivers these principles through stories and quotes. From his books, I have learnt that how a message is conveyed is many times as important as the content of the message itself.

Recently, I stumbled on his blog and I was connected as usual to a pool of resources to help my thought process and make me a better leader. This week, I want to share some quotes which Dr Maxwell calls his favourite quotes on potentials. These are the thoughts of some people, both famous and unknown, on our potentials and how we use them. I was inspired reading them. I hope you are too.

An unused life is an early death. -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It is very dangerous to go into eternity with possibilities which one has oneself prevented from becoming realities. A possibility is a hint from God. One must follow it. -Soren Kierkegaard

If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of the potential, for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the possible. Pleasure disappoints, possibility never. -Soren Kierkegaard

The real tragedy is the tragedy of the man who never in his life braces himself for his one supreme effort, who never stretches to his full capacity, never stands up to his full stature. -Arnold Bennett

The real contest is always between what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing. You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else. -Geoffrey Gaberino

We throw all our attention on the utterly idle question whether A has done as well as B, when the only question is whether A has done as well as he could. -William Graham Sumner

On our track to success, we have to fight the tendency to look at others and see how far they’ve come. The only thing that counts is how we use the potential we possess and that we run our race to the best of our abilities. -Denis Waitley and Reni L. Witt

A man is a good deal like an automobile. You can’t tell how much gas he’s got in his tank by the sound of his horn, and you can’t tell how much horsepower he’s got under the hood by the noise of his exhaust. There’s usually the most noise where there is the least quality. -HP Thompson

What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God. – Eleanor Powell

This last one is my addition and my personal favourite

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to watch potential die untapped. – Myles Munroe

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