Happy New Year!
May this year bring you new opportunities for greater exploits and may a new and better you be unveiled!

When I thought about what my first post of the year should be, a myriad of topics crossed my mind… You know, the new year talk about setting goals, resolutions and so on. But I figured you have probably read a lot of that already and by now, your goals for the year are all set. You may have even started the journey to having your best year ever.

So, this week I just want to encourage you to keep your focus on the things that matter to God and His purpose for your life. Make it your life goal to please God in every way this year.

Be reminded that this may be the year that Jesus will return. So live prepared.

Sometimes ago, I read a story about a French general during the First World War.

At the First Battle of the Marne during the war, French Lieutenant-General Ferdinand Foch sent out this communiqué:

“My center is giving way, my right is retreating. Situation excellent. I am attacking.”

He was caught in tight circumstances, hard pressed on every side, his strategies for battle were failing, yet he said the situation was excellent and perfect for an attack. His willingness to see hope in that tough situation eventually led to victory for his troops.

Things may not go as you have planned them. You may find yourself trapped in the valley of decision, and your centre may seem to be giving way. Do all you can to keep hope alive. Say to yourself, “This situation is excellent for an attack in the place of prayer and in the acquisition of the right knowledge…”

Issues around your family, business, health or ministry may put a pessimistic spin on the great attitude with which you have started the year. I pray then, you will remember my words, believe the situation is excellent and let go so God can be most glorified!

You matter to me!
I wish you a blessed 2016.


Hey! It’s December!

One last drop...

Spanish El Bulli restaurant was so popular that customers must reserve a table 6 months in advance. But the highly successful chef Ferran Adrià decided to close the doors of his award-winning restaurant for 2 years so he and his staff could have time to think, plan, and innovate. Adrià was once quoted to have said, “If we are winning all the prizes, why change? Working 15 hours a day leaves us very little time to create.” In the midst of great success, they took time out for what is most important to them- creativity.

As we gradually draw the curtain on 2015, I believe it is necessary that we intentionally take some time out to evaluate our successes this year and begin to pray, plan and prepare for greater accomplishments in 2016.

We should not only take stock of our successes, we must pay attention to our failures too. We can learn from them and make necessary adjustments. Do you have any unrealized goals? Can you point out why things did not go as you planned? What would you do by God’s help to become better prepared to surmount the challenges that are sure to come in 2016?

Personally, it was my desire to read the Bible through again this year. One thing led to another, I became complacent in the pursuit of this goal. If I intend to make it my objective next year, I must take my time to understand the dynamics of why and how I failed this year so that I can be better equipped to make my desires come through.

Please be sure to not postpone any thing you should and can do this year till the next. The sun in the sky may still be shining enough to dry some of your clothes. Seize the day!

But then, the time will soon come when everyone would be making new year resolutions. There is a reason why many of your resolutions for 2015 are still wishes. Why not take some time this December to find out why?


Maximising 2015

Happy New Year!

I was talking with a friend about the New Year and she said it appears to her that 2015 is the year everyone has been talking about and which we are all waiting for. I thought about that for a while. Truthfully, for me, 2015 is the year I will be moving on to another level in my pursuit of the wig and gown. It is perhaps the year your parents will retire or you will say goodbye to bachelorhood. It is the year the potency of a man’s good luck against the unwavering popularity of a military General will be tested.

But then, I think that’s how we always feel about a new year. Expectations are usually high because in my opinion, it is an intrinsic part of our nature to desire second chances and every New Year comes with the promise of new opportunities and fresh goals.

So, as we begin the New Year, what can we do to maximise the countless opportunities the New Year offers? Here are some thoughts:

1. Be purpose-driven

Psychologist, Abraham Maslow once noted that without exception, he found that every person who was sincerely happy and radiantly alive was living for a purpose or a cause beyond himself. If you will maximise the opportunities of this New Year and be fulfilled, you must be driven by God’s purpose for your life. Purpose simplifies life. It offers you the key to living a life free of worry and anxiety. Being purpose-driven gives you a life in which, in the words of Frederick Buechner, “your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

2. Pay attention to time

Scripture says God makes everything beautiful in its own time. It is my understanding therefore, that the key to experiencing life’s beauty is to understand time. Time is one resource we want most but sadly, misuse most too. There is a time for everything you will do this year. The quality of your life will depend a lot, on the timeliness of your actions.

3. Embrace change

You cannot maximise 2015 without having to grow. But there cannot be growth without change. There cannot be change without loss. There cannot be loss without pain. Change can be painful but it always pays. In 2015, refuse to be caught in the cycle of sameness, I encourage you to embrace change.

4. Enjoy the moments

To maximise 2015, it is important you learn to live in and enjoy each moment. Planning for the future is good but like the American Cartoonist, Bil Keane says, yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift and that is why it is called THE PRESENT! Please, enjoy each moment to its fullest. Times spent with friends and loved ones, reading a book or fellowshipping with believers should not be interrupted with worries of tomorrow’s commitment.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year!” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

My friend thinks 2015 is like the beginning of a new dispensation in God’s scheme of things- something like a handing over. Whether or not you see what she sees, the truth is 2015 presents to us an opportunity to start afresh, do things right and make impact. But if we won’t be purpose-driven, paying attention to time, embracing change, enjoying and living in each moments we might not be able unlock all that the year has to offer and soon we’ll have 2016 knock on our door and we’ll wonder where we’ve been all the while.

It is my prayer that this year, you will experience new dimensions of your potentials as you find, pursue and fulfil God’s purpose for your life. Have a prosperous New Year!

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