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Tolulope Oguntowo: God’s Man

This article is aimed at calling the attention of man (male) to God’s original intent for bringing him on board in the actualization of His big plan. In other words, this piece is directed to the man and for Exceptional Women.

To begin with, I’m not sure if any version of the scriptures has been able to translate the Bible as to give these words ‘luck’ and ‘coincidence’ relevance. It can therefore be safe to differentiate God’s word and the dictionary using these words. God has never been lucky and He has never done a coincidental event ever, He has always been precise, watching every of His pronouncements come to fulfillment and one of which is ‘I know the thoughts I have towards you, they are thoughts of good and not of evil to give you an expected end.’ Can you Imagine that?! God made such pronouncement about you with so much assurance, so God is never a gambler and you must FEAR whatever He has said because it surely will happen. Now the question that comes to mind is ‘Why man?’

Why Man?

Bodunrin Agboola once said in one of his messages that everything that exists now (today) has its pattern in Genesis, so every behavior and occupation can safely take its root from Genesis. But then, in the beginning, there was a plan that required the creation of Man. God did so many great jobs and He couldn’t but pronounce that they were all good and at the end of creation He felt a great need for a custodian of His works. This strikes a very important note that NO MAN EXISTS OUTSIDE GOD’S BUSINESS. Now this must not be misconceived; the true existence of a man is not in being ‘alive’ but in living. So for every man who is alive outside God’s business, he can just be assumed to be ‘not living’ until the very life of God that calls a man into God’s assignment is planted in him.

Who Is a Man?

This is a very vital question. Man is God’s link of dominance and control on earth. Domination finds its root from Domain. In other words, the man is the representative of God, more like the ambassador of God, in any location wherever he finds himself. So, by implication, a man does only what God says wherever he finds himself; a relationship, community, office, church, school, circumstances and so on.

I remember some years ago after the completion of my Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations and the results were out, my dad in elation began to view me like ‘a man;’ he conversed with me henceforth with a high level of maturity and that was his own way of graduating a boy into a man. Funnily, several other people have their own yardsticks for approving manhood, say stature, affluence, education etc. but a man is that male who has discovered himself in God’s big plan. As earlier cleared, with God, coincidence never exists. This means that there is a reason (purpose) for everything including man. So a man is he that has found himself in this light and this marks his initiation into God’s kind of Manhood. As peculiar as the purposes of individuals are to them, there is a purpose for being born as males and as soon as this is known then a real Man is birthed.

Becoming a man is God’s intention for all males that is, taking their place in God’s design of life. But then, becoming this man is not a procedure studied in schools or in cultural ethics. In fact the concept of being a man has caused an abuse of authority. What do you expect when a boy plays the role of a man? He can’t handle it! That is why you see Professors beat up their wives, you see literates abandon their children and you see clergymen and women fumble in the place of responsibilities. One would ask ‘how then is the man made?’ Good question! It is about that very breath that brings man to life! God had to breathe into man’s nostrils to activate the first him. It is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to become a man outside God. This therefore calls you as a male to a point of submission to Christ where He makes you His man. Receiving Jesus is the only way to becoming a man because He is the life in the male that makes him a man. I really wish you’d move to this new level of becoming a man. You sincerely know how difficult it has been trying to be a man (righteous, godly, loving, uncompromising, free from addictions etc.) but the truth remains that except you accept the Lordship of Jesus, these struggles will remain unabated.

Finally, there is a great news I have to share with all males, and that is the truth that God’s Man is perfect for God’s plan! Be the Man, Be God’s Man.

  • Oguntowo Tolulope Babajide is God’s son whose passion is driven by the need for all males to wake up into the enormous responsibilities bestowed on them by the Maker, understanding the crucial position they occupy in the existence of mankind. He is a graduate of Unibadan. He loves to write and interact with great minds.
    Contact:; tweeter handle @captainluto, Mobile: 07032636814.

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