I love TED talks and since I got the TED App from a friend last year, I have always preferred to spend my data on downloading TED Talks than any other kind of videos online.

TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

The world is ruled by ideas. When you are able to conceive an idea, you get a chance to rule your world. Every big movement in history started with an idea, so does every big or small achievements. Everyday, ideas pop in and out of our minds. What we do with them is what determines our place in history.

Your purpose is God’s idea rooted in the bigger idea of making the world look and operate like Heaven. The discovery of your purpose is actually a realization of an idea God has kept inside you since you were born and when you find purpose, you get the chance to leave a mark in the sands of time.

How you have evolved into the person fit for your life assignment is a story and it is awesome when you can share it. There are at least three reasons why you should deliberately learn to share your life message.

One, you grow as you share your message because as you share your message you are exposed to what other people think about your thoughts and in the process, you get better by virtue of the exchange of knowledge.

Two, you get to be able to genuinely reach out to the heart of people. You are an expert of your own story. No one can tell it better and more passionately. When you share your message, people can buy into you and the vision your ideas convey.

Three, you have a duty to share your message. Making the world a better place is a duty we all owe to humanity. Your life message puts you at a strategic advantage as you can share how you are making life better in the pursuit of your purpose and how the world can join you by finding their own spot in the overall plan.

Earlier this year, my team and I started an eBook project called Echoes of Discovery. We are compiling stories of how people found purpose. We want to raise a cloud of witnesses for folks still finding purpose. The idea is to have people share the stories of how they found purpose. We believe other people will be helped to understand theirs too.

I will love to hear your life message shared on the #EchoesofDiscovery Platform. To participate, simply send your story by mail to justpurposeinfo@gmail.com.

No mater what, always remember that you are deeply significant!

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As I sat waiting for the torrent rain to subside, I remembered my mum picking up the umbrella, my school bag and my food flask. The next moment, we were heading down the stairs and then she slipped… Her fall made a loud thud as she  hit her head on the concrete stairs… For a moment, all I did was lie down there in the rain with her, crying and shaking her, ‘Mummy wake up, mummy wake up’…but she almost didn’t.

That event left a big impression upon my heart that I must become the Husband who will love and honor his wife; that father who will serve as a model to his children and that man who will pray and protect his family in godliness.

Growing up with dreams is a tale I love to tell. At some point I wanted to be a pilot and then a  journalist; I had also flirted with the idea of combining soccer with being a Hollywood superstar. I loved the glamour of being watched and loved by millions of people.

Later in my High School days I got involved in debate and liked oration. My teachers began to suggest I will make a good lawyer, my friends thought I should be an on-air personality. My pastors wanted me to go into drama ministry. Their suggestions were not isolated from the fact that I could do almost anything I picked interest in with passion and zeal. I could venture into any of these paths and make a name for myself.

However, nothing brought me more satisfaction than sitting down with a downcast classmate or friend, listening to their worries and encouraging them. It was enough for me to see that a friend who was crying begins to smile after talking with him.

I would walk into a junior class to challenge them on the greatness on their inside. I used to host programs as the Vice President and later President of the press club of my secondary school. I also anchored several other programmes in school and in church. It looked like media was the  way to go on one hand yet, deep down inside, I knew I also had the gift of encouragement, loved to put smile on everyone’s face, I wanted to speak courage and greatness to people. Luckily, that was a season when motivational speakers were just coming up in Nigeria and I thought I was going to be one.

One faithful day in my penultimate year in Secondary school, as I thought about the idea of becoming a motivational speaker, a voice said within me “What power will back up your words? What will your message be about? Can there be a messenger without a message?”

Fast forward to 2012. I was a 200l student of law at the University of Ilorin and I had just given my life to Christ but I still had no idea what exactly God will have me do. A month after the encounter with Christ, I went for a retreat of fellowship executives of the Christian Law Students’ Fellowship of  Nigeria (CLASFON) with a big burden in my heart. It was only the second session of activity on that faithful day, a man walked in to teach on stewardship.

I honestly did not understand anything he said but he spoke with so great authority and passion. I said to myself ‘I can see myself in this man, this is what I want to do.’ God had answered my prayers and He confirmed it in that meeting.

That is what you will do in life, telling the world of the Love of Christ and the power of his salvation.

That is the message: ‘Salvation’ and that encounter with Christ was the ‘Authority’ missing in my words.

From then everything changed. I spent another three months under that man’s pupillage, where he thought me continuously from the scriptures.
It was then I had light from Isaiah 61:1-4
and Isaiah 50:4. It was then I began to understand the mandate of God, using my lips and words to touch generations, reaching out to people who have lost hope in themselves by directing them to Christ the giver of life and hope.

That passion I felt when my mum laid lifeless in the rain that day has birthed a compassion for people from broken homes; young people especially ladies who had been abused by parents, relatives and friend; disappointed and pained by life’s circumstances. 

The message is love, peace, forgiveness, hope and Righteousness. Daily, lines are falling upon lines, a little of this and that, the picture is getting clearer. I am a work in progress.

So from that little child determined to rewrite the history of his family, to that boy with many gifts. Today, I am who I am by Grace: A young man determined to write a story in his generation.

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Kehinde Olopade: A New Generation of God’s Generals


I can hardly remember the early days of my academic pursuit, but I remember that I always wanted to be among the best. Right from my secondary school days, I had made up my mind to be a medical doctor and I was ready to do all I could to make that dream come true.

In contrast to what I had purposed to be, I had great interest in electronics which eventually led me to join the JETS club (Junior Engineers, Technicians & Scientists Club) in my secondary school. I was ambitious. I just wanted to be anything worth being, I wanted to do something meaningful with my life.

Along the line, in adherence to the advice of some senior friends on what was thought to be a potential I had, I decided to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering and as always, I was determined to be one of the best in this field. This desire was borne out of my contact with Ben Carson’s best selling books Gifted Hands and Think Big. Those books shaped my vision about the pursuit of excellence.

At the completion of secondary school, my attempt to gain admission into a tertiary institution that year failed. So I had to wait, although this period was painful. I felt I had failed myself and those who looked up to me then as a role model. It turned out to be the most important time in my life.

It was then I discovered purpose. I uncovered the reason for which I am on this planet. I got a clear picture of what I was meant to do with my life. I had developed interest in the military at the eleventh hour of my Secondary School Education. But during this time of delay, I discovered something new about the military. You can say it was a “divine discovery.” I found that God created me to make a difference and to tread where most would not- to fulfill purpose by serving my fatherland.

Not that I am the best prepared  for this assignment, but God’s grace has been my power house . I eventually joined the Military and I am determined to stand as a soldier for Christ. I am determined to be one who can leverage on the platform of his profession to be a messenger of peace to the troubled and war-torned, of love and freedom to the oppressed and to defend a way of life which all men deserve- freedom.

Irrespective of past failures and shortcomings, I know I cannot afford to fail God, the task ahead is far beyond the rifle, the ammunition, the drill and the know how. Few years gone and still counting with the mission intact I make bold to say there have been no regrets whatsoever.

With so much confidence in His power and His sustaining grace, I have come to discover that I am not alone on this mission. God is raising up and preparing for Himself, Godly Generals both in and outside the military, men whose shield is the Lord and His name, their stronghold.

This is my life message: The time is here when men and women of the forces can boldly declare like David, “God trains my hand for war!”

Kehinde is a third termer currently studying Naval Science at Escola Naval, Brazil. He loves God and enjoys jogging and watching military movies. Contact him via: olopadek@gmail.com