​Little Decisions

We have repeatedly made the point that the quality of our lives is usually a reflection of our decisions and sometimes the decisions of others and our reactions to them. Today I want to invite you to consider the process by which you make the decisions in your life.
You may have heard about folks who started coming to church, praying and seeking God’s face when they had the need to choose a life partner. Somehow, we have come to believe some decisions are more important than others. So the choice of who to marry is more important than what we choose to wear. The choice of a career path is more important than the choice of which bus we board. Maybe we are right to think so.

Some decisions obviously have greater impact on our lives but if you think deeply about those little decisions, you will find that they have tremendous cumulative effect on our lives too.

I love soft drinks. Recently, a colleague at my office advised me to have water for lunch instead of a bottle of coke. I agreed to try it for a week and it is amazing to realize that such little change reflected in my finances. I saved more and had more money to do some other important things.

Do you know that you may not get a job simply because of the kind of dress you chose to wear? Do you know people have been kidnapped via the bus they chose to board? My point is these seemingly little decisions count, A LOT.

Scripture says that children of God are led by His Spirit. How often do we limit this leading to just the big decisions. We are called to live in and keep in step with the Spirit. I love how the The Message puts Galatians 5:25‭ and I will close with this: “Since this is the kind of life we have chosen, the life of the Spirit, let us make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea in our heads or a sentiment in our hearts, but work out its implications in EVERY DETAIL of our lives.”

Have you had any experience that made you realize that your little decisions count? What principles guide your everyday choices? Please join the conversation. Leave a comment.

I call you blessed!


By all means, CONNECT!

Background Image by Alexander via flickr

The Kingdom of God is an organization whose topmost core value is intentionality of purpose.

This is why I believe that everyone that was in Jerusalem on the day the Holy Ghost descended must have been there on Heaven’s invitation to hear God glorified in his own language.

God desires every meeting in which He gathers people to hear His word, to be like that first meeting of the church; that each man will hear the Word in His own language- the language that only him by virtue of his past unique experiences, vision and exposure can understand.

God always desires to connect with people on a personal basis. He always desires to do more than speak but to connect.

We as speakers, preachers and messengers of the Gospel must understand this. We have to do more than speak. We must connect. In our daily conversations: speaking, writing, consulting or counseling engagements, we must reach out to people in their own language from their own models of the world.

To do this, authors like John Maxwell have suggested several principles. For instance, John Maxwell usually arrives at the venue of his engagement earlier to interact with the people who will be in his audience. He tries to memorize their names so that he can help them see that they matter to him. Matthew Femi-Adedoyin, Family life coach and Master Practitioner of the NLP teaches in his coaching classes that asking questions with the goal of understanding your client’s worldview can help you connect with them better. He says that to connect with people you must create rapport by inspiring a sense of commonality.

No doubt, these are great instructions from the experts. God clearly applied these principles everywhere he connected with people in the scriptures. This is the whole idea of speaking to people in their own language, isn’t it?

But beyond these, we must understand that our greatest help in connecting with people is the Holy Spirit. He alone is able to create such connections like Philip had with the Ethiopian Eunuch. He alone is able to give such insights into the past of a woman who was serially haunted  by her past failed relationship.

He alone can empower you to speak the right words and ask the right questions so that you can connect with your audiences and resonate with your listeners.

So, you must cultivate your relationship with Holy Spirit. Cherish your relationship with Him and yield to His impulses as He gently points and nudges your heart towards the issues God wants to attend to in blessing your audience.

We must by all means apply all known principles of communication and human relations in the day to day activities of our pursuit of purpose. However, most importantly, we must key into Heaven’s purpose for every of our conversations so that we speak just the right words in the right way and at the right time.

How has the Holy Spirit helped you to connect with people around you? What principles have you learnt to apply to make definite impact on the people you lead? Please share by leaving a comment.

I call you blessed!