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One of the things I am grateful for in my life was that I was a student of the University of Ibadan in 2012. You know why? That year was an amazing year on the premier University campus. There was a wave of teachings on purpose that swept the whole campus. Almost all the fellowships on campus considered themes around this subject. Even the Assembly of Unibadan Christian Fellowships, the umbrella body for all Christians on campus considered a theme that centred on the idea of God’s Kingdom plan and our role in that plan. Many students (including me) found and gained clarity about their life assignments in the course of that year.

I once had a conversation with a friend who works as a youth coach and thought leader about this issue of purpose and he confirmed that he used to think that just like entrepreneurship appears to be the “new trend,” purpose was a trend then. Every speaker wanted to talk about it, writers wrote about it and thought leaders communicated to their tribes how important it is to know why you are here on earth.

Now, as I think about it, I realized that the events of that year and the succeeding years may have contributed to the thought and articulation of the idea that the issue of finding your purpose is a trend. You know, like the issue of tithing is currently on the front burner of discussions on the social media. Many people didn’t give much thought to the purpose in 2012 and some are still ignoring the issue now because they think it is a trend that will soon be let off for some other salient issues.

It is my understanding however, that while talking about purpose may have been a trend in 2012, it is certainly too important to our shared existence to be regarded as just another trend that will pass. See, finding your purpose will never become unnecessary. The time will never come when it will be cool to be purposeless so long as you have money or anything else. Purpose is a matter that will be relevant to all people for all times and seasons. And if public speakers move on to the next thing they think people will buy, if writers start writing about whatever they think is the new trend, some of us will still continue to speak, write and lead conversations on this all important issue.

If it doesn’t still bother you that you don’t know why God has put you here because you think the issue of purpose is a trend that will pass, I want to urge you to reconsider your stance and get serious about finding why you are here. Life is too short to be lived without an understanding of its purpose. You are not joining a trend by making the choice to find your purpose. Finding your purpose is the greatest discovery you will make in your life. Fulfilling your purpose will be your greatest achievement.

I call you blessed!




Good evening dear friend. Trust your day was splendid.

There is a story in Exodus 17 about how the people of Israel went to battle with the Amalekites. Moses directed Joshua to remain on the ground to lead the army to fight the battle while Aaron, Hur and Moses himself went to the top of the hill. It turned out that whenever Moses raised his hands, Israel was winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, Amalek was winning. Soon, Moses’ hands got tired. So they got a stone and set it under him. He sat on it and Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on each side. Thus, his hands remained steady until the sun went down. Joshua defeated Amalek and its army in the battle. (See Ex. 17:10‭-‬13)

I am sure you may be familiar with that story. It illustrates how important it can be to have people who will hold your hands and remain steady until you get victory. You are not a superhuman, there is only little you can do even with God’s help before your hands begin to grow weary and then you’ll need backup in form of friends, mentors and proteges who will not only remind you of the necessity of your victory but also provide you with the kind of support you need to pull through.

Now, note that Aaron and Hur were not the only reasons Moses was able to remain steady until Isreal won. There was a stone that was set under him to help him stay steady. So, it is not always only about human help otherwise, you’ll soon weary your helpers out too. You need to have as your foundation an ever present help in times of trouble.

I’ll like to see the stone as an illustration of the role the Holy Spirit plays in our lives as we go about God’s purpose. You see, your Aaron and Hur can get weary too but not the stone under you. It is great to have people around you to help you remain steady in the pursuit of your life assignment, but beyond all human helps, you have to learn to rely more assuredly in the help only the Holy Spirit can provide.

God is helping us. Amen.

Read Your Bible, Pray and Obey!
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thank God

I had a discussion with some friends some days ago about how our jobs may be keeping us from doing the things we are very passionate about. It became clear to us that sometimes all that a job does for you is to keep you from working. Does that not sound interesting? Is there a difference between your job and your work?

Have you ever heard speakers say if you look forward to Friday in your current workplace, you need to find a new job? I have read many stories of people who left their jobs because they felt it was not expressing their passions. The story of a young man who resigned from his six figures paying job to pursue his dreams readily comes to mind. He soon found out that life was not as easy as he thought and that people who stay stuck in an unfulfilling job do so for good reason which is that it puts food on their table and helps them keep body and soul together.

So, I’ll like to share some thoughts on this issue. If you feel stuck in your current job, I hope these thoughts help you find clarity and begin to live fully and well.


There is a difference between your job and your work. Some of us are blessed to find both in one preoccupation. Your job is what you do to keep you busy and meet your physical needs. Apostle Paul suggested that anyone who used to steal before they got saved, should go get a job so they can earn a living to be able to serve others. Paul himself was a tentmaker. So, your job is how you earn your survival. Your work on the other hand is the God-intended medium by which you were planned to live fully and maximise your life. Your work is how you interact with your domain of impact and advance God’s Kingdom on earth. The purpose of your job is so you can earn. The purpose of your work is so you can live.


I have established that there is a difference between your job and your work. Your job gives you a source of earning, your work gives you a source of living. Now, many people never get to decide which is more important to them. The society already configures us to run after earning rather than living. Do you eat to live or live to eat? Why do we eat if not to have strength to live and live well? Why should you earn at all if that would not help you sustain a meaningful existence? So, you see, you were planned to live fully not just survive. You were made for more. And in the final analysis, the more you were created for isn’t first a function of how much you earn but how well you live.


I believe one of the keys to a fulfilling life is to find the meeting point between how you earn for survival and how you really live. One, your job may be flexible enough to accommodate your engagement with your life work. In this case, your job may serve as financier for your life assignment. This was the case for Apostle Paul. As a tentmaker, he was able to earn enough to sustain his missionary activities in addition to donations and contributions from other co-workers in the ministry. Two, your job may be an expression of your work. I am a lawyer. My legal practice puts food on my table. However, it does more than that. I believe God has called me to eradicate crime from our society by bringing the message of purpose into the criminal justice system of our society. Three, your work can become your job. There is a way you can monetize your work so that it does more than expressing your passions, it also becomes a source of income. The idea of course isn’t to make your pursuit of purpose about your making money, but as you do purpose, you create value people can pay for and as they do so, you earn.

I believe it is because most people do not understand the work-job dichotomy that they are stuck and unhappy in their jobs. That is why we have people who earn so much but are so unhappy. They feel stuck in between the need to make ends meet and live fulfilling lives. But this does not have to be the case. If you first of all believe that your life serves a purpose greater than what you earn, then you can find the courage to admit the meeting point. Before you leave your job in the pursuit of your dreams, you must be sure to make plans for your transition because you understand that you have to be alive to live. Whether or not you look forward to every Friday of the week really isn’t as important as whether you are truly deriving the satisfaction you were planned to derive from your life and whether, you are living in such a way that society can be overflowing in gratitude to God for your existence.

Blessed? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section.

You matter to me always.