Abobarin IkeOluwa: Abiyamo

I have had the privilege of meeting some very young people with incredible passion for God and the progress of God’s Kingdom. IkeOluwa, a 400level student of Pharmacy in Nigeria’s Premier University, is one of such persons. She has continued to inspire me and people around her with her ability to communicate a spiritual truth in a unique and creatively interactive manner.

She has graciously permitted me to publish this piece as the first of my UseThisPlatform category series. I am introducing this new category of posts to provide a platform for people to share their thoughts on issues from their pursuits of purpose and issues that catch their interest. If you have an issue you want to communicate to people using this platform please contact me!

I hope you will enjoy Ike’s piece as I have!

Abiyamo- The Milking Mother

Abiyamo, you nurse our spirits at the breasts of Your Word
You feed us with Your milk till meat our teeth can chew
You wait patiently for us to grow
In Your nourishing presence we sit, then crawl
Fixing our eyes on you we stand and take our first step

In the euphoria of our stance we lose focus like uncle “P”
Gradually our hearts begin to sway to the deceiver’s rhyme, lost in the melody,
We dance our way into his ship.
The door shuts and the reckless journey begins, and we are still totally oblivious of how far we have strayed from You

The ride goes smoothly- no waves
And it seems all is well.
We hit a rock and then we realise how lost we are

Injured, drowning and lost we remember the rock from which we were hewn
Too weak to run to You
Too breathless to mutter a cry for help

But our heart’s weak voice called to You in repentance and hunger
A deep longing that nothing else will satisfy
In its feeble voice it reached out to You.

Limbs weak from malnutrition
Throats scorched with thirst
Eyes filled with tears
We gaze into Your eyes speechless
When You showed up and stretched forth your arms to us.

In Your majesty You kneel at our side and bind our wounds
You carry us in Your arms of mercy and restore us into Your nourishing presence
And You cause us to regain all that was lost

Oba tii fife baniwi
(the God that corrects in love)
Oba  abaniwi tunise
(the God that corrects and “restores”)
Oba asonidomo tii se baba falaini baba
(the God who confers SONSHIP and Father to the fatherless)