Hi there!

My name is IfeOluwa. I am young man born of God, spiced with an aroma of intelligence and an emerging leader of young people.

I believe in the beauty of God in you and it will be my greatest pleasure to watch you manifest that beauty as I help you find your purpose and maximize your potentials in the pursuit of your life assignment.

I write  daily  on my  Whatsapp and Facebook based platform, JustPurposeDaily and blog here weekly. My goal is to help you live a meaningful and fulfilling life to the glory of God and for the betterment of the human society.

I am also a legal practitioner with particular interest in ridding our society of crime by helping criminals forge meanings that allow them become useful rather than dependent on the society. I hope to eradicate lawlessness from our society by providing purpose coaching services in the public prosecution and defence sector of the legal profession.

I love to read, write and speak on matters of deep spirituality and Kingdom inspired societal transformation.

You can follow me on Twitter @aimpurpose and on Facebook via AimPurpose IfeOluwa.
Email: justpurposeinfo@gmail.com

So, that is a lot about me. Can I meet you?


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