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I recently read an article about purpose on the internet and I was thrilled at how much misconceptions are out there about this issue of purpose. I recognize that people will read and believe what they want but I believe I am obligated to share my thoughts on some of the junks put out there on an issue that has been my foremost message for the most of the last half decade.

The question I want to answer today is very elementary. Yet, as I read that article, I became aware of the fact that elementary as it is, many people still struggle with the idea of purpose discovery. And this is what happens when we leave an issue as important as purpose to the hands of people who have no connection with God and who try to be experts on the human experience outside of God who designed that experience.

When it comes to the issue of purpose, can you design a purpose for yourself? Can you just attach a sense of meaning to an experience and call it purpose? What or Who is the source of purpose? Is purpose discovered or decided? Can a man choose his own purpose? Again, these issues are elementary and if you are a consistent reader of this blog, it should be easier for you to see where the thoughts I’ll be sharing subsequently are coming from.

Let me be clear about this point. You cannot design, decide or build a purpose for your life because by the very meaning of the word, purpose presupposes the existence of a Creator who sees a problem, identifies a need and decides to meet that need or solve that problem through the product he creates. So, a product cannot decide why it was created, it is impossible for it to do so because it didn’t create itself. You too did not create yourself. You cannot therefore decide or design a purpose for your life. You cannot just pick a sheet of paper and begin to write what you think your purpose is without any recourse to your Creator. Your purpose is God’s intention not your invention.

It follows then that purpose is not about you. The sentence structure of purpose puts the product as the object and the Creator as the Subject. Because the product did not create itself, it does not have the intelligence to decide its own purpose. In fact, the purpose of the product is entirely a matter of the Creator’s own initiative. That is why the whole specification of the product is according to the product’s purpose. The product was designed according to the assignment the manufacturer had in mind. So you see, you were designed to be assigned. God had a purpose in mind and then He created and equipped you to fulfill that purpose. Your purpose predates your birth. In fact, your birth is the proof that you exist for a specific purpose.

So, I don’t want you to get confused about the issue of purpose. There is nothing complex about it. All you need to find and begin to walk in your purpose is to connect with your Creator and immerse yourself in His manual for your life. Walk in obedience to His leading. Live every single moment in the consciousness of its why.

I hope this is clarifying enough. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the Comment Section below.

You matter to me always,



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