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When I talk to people about strategies of executing their discovered purpose, I usually have to emphasize that no matter how beautiful a plan is, without diligent execution, it remains nothing but an almost worthless paper. I once read a story shared by John Telgren about how he hated shining shoes in his Basic Military Training. There were other things he would rather be doing instead of sitting on the floor with a brush and Kiwi shoe polish. Meanwhile, if their boots and dress shoes were not well polished, they would pay for it dearly! So, when one of the guys discovered a “Shine Sponge” that was supposed to give them an effortless shine, nearly every single person in the unit bought one.

When they got back to the barracks, they applied the sponge (which appeared to be some kind of clear oil) to their footwear, and they shone like a mirror! Of course, they were confident that there was no reason to fear when the Training Instructor came by (as he always did) in the middle of the night, as he would meet perfectly polished shoes. Unfortunately and to their rudest shock, they were awakened on the cold floor with a bunk bed lying on top of them because their boots had no shine!

When the lights came on, they found that their boots were the ugliest things they had ever seen. The oil had soaked into the leather of the shoes and made the shoes duller than they were when they were first issued to them. The only ones who had been diligent enough to painstakingly shine their shoes were the ones who had neither dull shoes not punished faces.

There are some things in life that you can’t cut corners with; diligence is one of such. So, let’s consider briefly three tips to help us be more diligent in our pursuits of purpose. Remember, I always love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this subject in the Comment Section as you read along.

  1. Seek CLARITY

Have you ever had to drive in the rain without a car wiper? How fast your can go will be the least of your concern, isn’t it? Clarity is the fuel of effectiveness. Sometimes, what you need is not speed but clarity. When you are suffering from a cloud of confusion, you can only do little no matter how efficient you are. To be consistently diligent, you have to safeguard the quality of your sight.


In 2015, I created a group of 12 young people with accountability as our core objective. We agreed to push each other to do what we believe God has called us to do. We are helping ourselves to stay busy with our life assignments. I have learnt that it is easier to be diligent when you are surrounded by people who are diligent in their individual pursuits of purpose. Accountability is a powerful force that drives diligence. When you walk with the diligent and hold yourself accountable to them, you will be pushed to be diligent.


Can you imagine, if most of the inventors we celebrate today never accepted responsibility for the things they created? Would they ever have gone down in history as people of impact? You see, at the end of the day, diligence in the pursuit of your purpose is a responsibility you owe the world and it is important you accept this as your solemn duty. Your indolence is too costly and if you don’t realize this early enough, you may never find the courage to be all you are capable of becoming. God expects you to be diligent and our society needs you to be up and doing.

I’ll close with these assuring words of the wise Hebrew King Solomon to wit, “See you a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before obscure men.” Proverbs 22:29


Let me know, leave a comment and don’t forget to share with your tribe.

You matter to me always.


2 thoughts on “DILIGENCE”

  1. Blessed. Nice piece.

    In the pursuit of diligence, celebrate the process as much as you frown at your setbacks. Keep on keeping on.

    AIM, thank you for consistency.

    Liked by 1 person

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