For the past three weeks, three amazing individuals have graciously granted us access into their world of Purpose. Together, we have journeyed into the realms of their understanding about what is purpose is and how it may be discovered. I should thank you for your feedbacks and comments throughout this series on #WhatOnEarthAmIHereFor? I trust it has been worth your time and attention.

In the first week, Ayomide Fatoki shared with us the idea that purpose can only be found in God. She shared with us, the story of how she discovered her purpose by responding a gentle nudging of the Spirit to gather some ladies to pray. She hinted that our assignments may be similar in scope but different in dimensions. On how to discover purpose, she suggested that first, we should discover that which we love to do and then that singular thing for which we can deny ourselves sleep, and comfort. Second, she said we should pay attention to those who consciously and unconsciously influence our actions. Third, she said we should discover the set of people for whom our hearts burn, and the reason(s) for which our hearts burn for them.

Then, we had Noah Bello share with us the idea that everyone in history who has been called great had a very unique ability to focus on one thing as the major preoccupation of their lives. He opined that purpose is not the same as passion, neither do our gifts and abilities equal our callings. However, these things can be pointer to our purpose. Purpose discovery ought to be a by-product of our relationship with God who is our Creator. In his conclusion, he urged us make our relationship with God.

Lastly, Oluwatoyin Ajilore advanced the discussion by helping us to see the tragedy of purposeless living. She used the fearful image of a man who on his death-bed realizes he has spent his life in pursuit of nothing. Then, she went on to reflect on how she came to understand that purpose isn’t primarily about something a man must do or become but about glorifying God and demonstrating the manifold wisdom of God to all men. She said, we are here simply to show God’s glory, and that could be achieved through any path God has chosen for us. We can know what our paths are by simply walking with God on a daily basis. We cannot be complacent in our walk with God and expect to fulfill His purpose for our lives.

I have been tremendously blessed by the thoughts these very amazing individuals have shared in the course of this series. I believe you have too. I have learnt and gleaned a lot too. As I end this series, I want to share my gleanings and invite you to do the same.

  1. I learnt that the kind of people who influence and inspire me the most can be a pointer to why I am here.
  2. My purpose is too important to be left to guesswork. I must connect and stay connected with God since he is my manufacturer and the authorised source of my purpose.
  3. All that I do must be to glorify God. I am here to show forth God’s glory and manifest his manifold wisdom to the world. As I help people find their purpose and rid the society of Crime, God’s glory must be my intention and motivation.

These are my gleanings. I’ll like to read yours. What have you learnt from the thoughts our guests have shared with us? In what ways have you been blessed by this series? Please spare some time to share by leaving a comment below.

Next week, I’ll be here again to speak of the beauty of God in You. I hope to have you around.

You matter to me always.

I call you blessed.



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