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Noah Bello on Purpose

NB on Purpose

Earlier this year, I convened a conference tagged CREATIVITY AND IMPACT: LAYING LASTING LEGACY via WhatsApp group chat. There were 8 facilitators and more than 200 people in attendance. The feedback was massively impressive.

There was one concept common in all the teachings: being intentional. “Intentional” has a synonym that is relevant to this discourse and that is “purposeful”. If you check out the synonyms of “purposeful”, you’ll discover the significance of the need to channel one’s energy in achieving a desired result. Determined, resolute, resolved, firm, steadfast, single-minded, enthusiastic, ambitious, enterprising, motivated, driven, committed, dedicated, persistent, persevering, tenacious, dogged, unfaltering, unwavering and unshakeable all show the need to be focused on ONE THING.

Paul of Tarsus, a Christian scholar and missionary, while talking about his massive success, has this to say: “…one thing I do…I press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling”. (Phil. 3:14)

Every great man who has ever lived in history had this disposition/mindset – the ability to focus on just ‘one thing’. It was Vince Lombardi who said, “Success determines singleness of purpose”. Benjamin Disraeli, former prime minister of Great Britain (1804-1881) said “the secret to success is constancy to purpose”.

The problem a lot of people seem to have is how to “find their purpose”. Where/who/what does purpose come from? Most people often confuse the purpose of the person with the purpose of their passion/talents/features whereas the purpose of a thing is determined by its producer and its owner.

Who determines the purpose of the cup? The producer created it to hold drinks. The user may decide to use it for another purpose especially when he is the owner.

God is the creator (producer) and He is supposed to be our master (owner). But God gave man freewill unlike other creatures. So man has the responsibility to choose whose purpose he wants to serve. Unfortunately, most people choose to run after a “purpose” outside what they were created for.

Even though, the purpose of a thing or a person can be guessed from their features, guesses are fallible.  Your temperament, talents and passions are not enough to determine your purpose. Your purpose is too important to be left to guesswork.

Another error is to try to pursue the purpose of God without accepting the God of purpose. God is more interested in your person than everything you have to do. He is more interested in your relationship with Him. Discovering purpose is supposed to be a by-product of this relationship.

In conclusion, “make your relationship with God your passion.”


nbNoah Bello is the founder of The Creative Impact Family (TCIF). He is passionate about helping young people contact their creative essence and profit from their S.H.A.P.E., an acronymn for Skill, Heart (i.e passion), Aptitude, Personality and Experiences. He helps them gain clarity about life, build their confidence and develop necessary competence and character to thrive in the 21st Century.

Noah is a pastor, teacher, edupreneur and graphics designer. You can reah him via his mobile, 08173099383 and on Twitter @_noahbello and Facebook @ Noah A Bello.


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