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Ayomide Fatoki on Purpose

AF on Purpose

Hi everyone, very quickly, let’s take a trip together into my world of Purpose.  First, let me say we will be looking at Purpose in a lay man’s words and terms, no dictionary’s definition nor professional insight. So shall we?

I’ll like to define purpose as the reason for your existence. It is that factor that sets fire to your bones. Purpose is what gives you unrest and sometimes makes your heart rip apart until you are able to make an impact or contribute your little quota.

While growing up, I discovered I had flair for so many things. My heart was saturated with the desire to do so many things but I never thought of starting up a ministry or an association so to say. I was just interested in the female folk; its uniqueness, complexities and peculiarities. I therefore desired to make an impact and be of help. So, GirlsChat started off as a gathering of female friends who just wanted to keep up communication, strengthen bonds, and help each other achieve feats of excellence. That is the short story of how I came about my life assignment.

Let me now share some thoughts from my understanding on how you can discover your purpose.

First, discover that which you love to do, and gives you Joy. Discover that singular thing for which you can deny yourself sleep, and comfort. Discover not find! I said discover, because it is already in you, and you only need to allow it find expression. I understand that while trying to discover purpose, you get up to three or four options of things you feel you can do, and was created for. Please, give them time, and subject it to the passion-emotion test. Discover how you would fare if that which you called purpose is taken away from you.

Second, pay attention to those you consciously and unconsciously emulate and why you get so inspired by them. When you take time to analyse that, you could be on the path to discovering why you are here.

Third, discover the set of people for whom your heart burns, and the reason(s) for which your heart burns for them. They are your target audience, and this would help you in your purpose discovery and pursuit.

Now, let’s go a step further. What do you do when you discover purpose?

  • When you discover purpose, Please be committed to your audience. Don’t be found jumping from one audience to another. What you do with your foundation audience would go a long way in speaking for or against you. A Successful man of purpose would see that his audience grows to be the best they can. Please follow up on them. Be deliberate and intentional about making an impact. Remember, the whole essence of purpose is to make a lasting impact on people.
  • Please get better at YOU! Read up on books that would shed light on your path. If there happens to be professional courses that could be taken in line with your purpose, please go for them. Seize every opportunity to get better. It eventually opens door for greater platforms for you, and connects you with like minds.
  • Please do well to associate with people, and have someone you consciously and daily submit to. You might want to call the person a Mentor, Discipler, or Model. Remember for your Esther to be called a success, you need a Mordecai. Also, a tree does not make a forest.

Most importantly, please know that there is no purpose outside God. Purpose can only truly be found in HIM. Therefore, find God through Christ Jesus, if you are yet to. If you’ve found Him, develop your relationship with Him, and understand where He would love to send you. The message might indeed be similar, or even the same, but remember the approach, and dimension to which He raises you is unique. Celebrate your uniqueness in Him, and use it to bring Him glory!

I love you, and look forward to seeing you living life fulfilled!

Your Sister and Friend,

Ayomide MoyinOluwa Fatoki.



Ayomide is the Coordinator of The Deborah Generation, the platform wherein she hosts a special meeting called “GirlsChat With Daddy”.

She is deeply passionate about raising women, nurturing them, and empowering them to be pillars in all sectors of life, and in their geographical locations. She has a desire to see the Girl-Child attain her highest form of potential, and to be part of a community where males and females are treated with gender Parity. Her greatest joy is to see families standing strong and staying true to family ties.

Ultimately, Ayomide’s desire and passion is to see ladies rise in the understanding of their place and position in El-Elohim; for until they see themselves in the light of who God has called them to be, they can’t attain the height which He wants them to.

Her GirlsChat holds monthly in Abeokuta, and now occasionally, in Ibadan and Lagos. She also hosts an annual Prayer Conference for both men and women in May because she believes in the efficacy of prayer as a tool for shaping the future and raising godly homes.

Please feel free to contact Ayomide via email at , or via twitter and Instagram @GirlsChat_Ayomi.


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