The Blessed Unrest

Dreams are free, so free your dreams.

I was privileged to share some thoughts at a virtual birthday conference last weekend and I will like to share with you here.

To start with, I asked how many of the participants agree that their current state of life is not the best they can have and unsurprisingly, a large number of them signified that they desire more from their lives.

You probably desire more for your life too. We all do. You are probably dissatisfied with something in and around you. We all are. The question is why?

I believe we desire more because we deserve more! Scripture says Eternity is planted in our hearts. It is my understanding that our hearts are wired to desire, thirst and pursue ALL that God has planned for us in all eternity.

Zig Ziglar once observed that there is a certain amount of dissatisfaction that goes with knowing your time, talent and abilities are not being properly used.  This is good. But what would this dissatisfaction drive you to do?

Jesus stood at the top of a mountain and looked at the people and observed that they were like sheep without a Shepherd. They were lost and in need of rescue. I believe it was this compassionate dissatisfaction with the condition of the people around him that drove the Lord to do all the things that he did while he walked the face of the earth. All of us are surrounded with people and we can look at them and desire more for them. This is good. But again, what would we be driven to do about it?

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie notes herself as a person who believes in asking questions, in not conforming for the sake of conforming. She says she is deeply dissatisfied – about so many things, about injustice, about the way the world works – and in some ways, her dissatisfaction drives her storytelling.
I believe we all have experiences of societal dysfunctions and we want more for the world around us. This is a good thing. But what would this dissatisfaction drive us to do?

There are at least three things I believe you can do about your dissatisfaction.

1. Choose to find your purpose

It is pretty obvious you cannot solve all the problems around you. But there is one you were made to solve. Find it. How? Discover God. Discover yourself. Let me give you a clue. That thing you are most dissatisfied about is probably a pointer to why you are here.

2. Choose to maximise your potentials

Never let up on leading and learning. Refuse to take anything of value to the grave. Choose to die empty by intentionally making every day count for your personal self development and deployment.

3. Choose to help others grow

Develop a mentality in favour of personal social responsibility. Stop living for yourself and begin to look beyond your nose for what you can do to make the person sitting next to you better. Permit others to succeed around you. Say a kind word to your colleague at work. Offer a smile to the beggar on the street.

A young man came to Jesus. He had everything a young man could have. He was famous, rich and ought to be deeply satisfied. But he came to Jesus because his heart longed for eternity. His heart longed for more. Unfortunately, he was not willing to let go of all he had to get the more he desired.

That dissatisfaction you are experiencing is legitimate. It may be a pointer to the call of your destiny. But are you willing to let go of all you have experienced already to have all that God has planned for you? Would your dissatisfaction drive you to find your purpose, place a demand on your potentials and help others grow?

I call you blessed!


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