A Pack of Cards


Sometimes ago, I read the story of Hang Woo Suk a scientist who in 2004 made the Time’s list of “People Who Mattered.” He was particularly honored for his work that proved that human cloning was no science fiction but real. His talents were incredible, his drive remarkable and he rose to become a professor and a national celebrity in South Korea and beyond.

But it all fell like a pack of cards when it was announced that a large part of his works had been fabricated and he was indicted for embezzlement and bioethics law violation. It was true that he cloned a dog. But nothing else was true. He had a great talent but his character leaked! His talents became irrelevant and that was the end of his career.

Hwang found a purpose to live for. He had the talents to pull through but he had no character to sustain his rising. When values, thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment, a person becomes focused and his character is strengthened.

Very briefly, I want to share three keys to developing sound character for your pursuit of purpose. These are some of the elements of my personal creed for building a strong character.

One, always remember that the little things matter. Your character is like a tall building made with blocks. Each block is important. What you think, do and say no matter how seemingly insignificant they look, matter to who you are. Learn to constantly do the little things right.

Two, always count the cost of your promises. Don’t make a promise you cannot keep. When you say you will do something, be sure to follow through on it. An unfulfilled promise is a breach of trust. It is never good for business.

Three, always take full responsibility for your actions. Never be afraid to own up to your wrongs. Saying you are sorry is not a crime. When you are wrong, don’t find someone else to blame. Take responsibility for your actions. Decide now, that you don’t have a price.

Nothing can be more dangerous than a skyscraper built on the foundation of a bungalow. Wherever you are in the pursuit of your purpose, your gifts will make a room for you, but only your character will keep you there. Commit to being a person of integrity, reliability and sound character. Always remember that the little things matter, your promises count and it is cowardice to run away from responsibility.

What other principles have formed your creed in building a strong character for your pursuit of purpose? Kindly drop a comment.

I call you blessed.


2 thoughts on “A Pack of Cards”

  1. thank you Aim for reminding us once more. I have also found the word of God useful in my character development, it clearly shows us what the ideal state is and also enable us to conform to the ideal state.

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Blessing.

      I agree with you on the role God’s word plays in our character development. I have found the Word to be profitable to direct, correct, rebuke and instruct unto righteousness and sound character. Thank you for sharing that insight.


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