Getting Started


Sometimes ago, I shared some principles about how to activate your pursuit of your purpose. I talked about the three overlapping phases of your pursuit and the progressions of your influence. In case you missed that, please read here.

Now, against that background I want to share some thoughts with you; some practical tips to help you get started on your pursuit. I gleaned these tips from the story of how Solomon got started with his leadership responsibility over Israel. (Ref.: 1 Chronicles 1)

1. Get a firm grip of your ministry

Scripture says Solomon’s first point of call was to get a firm grip of his kingdom. I imagine that he took rounds to visit the various tribes, to examine the borders and to identify with his people. When you find purpose, this is the first thing you must do too. You must clarify your message, identify your audience, profile your strength and weaknesses and understand the nature of your responsibility.

2. Make plans for self development

Next, Solomon focused on how to be fit for his assignment. He prioritised his relationship with God and made plans to spend time with God to understand the scope of the precepts of leadership he had gotten from his father. Then, he sought wisdom and knowledge. You too must first make plans for your spiritual growth and then make plans to acquire the necessary knowledge, skill and proficiency in the area of your calling. Don’t be all out for fame, money or popularity. Learn in silence. Make growth your priority.

3. Make plans for self deployment

Thereafter, Solomon set to work. He began making and executing plans for the building of the temple and then his own palace. He began exploring the possibilities of his potentials as a young wise king. He began growing his leadership platform and expanding his influence. You too must do same. You must understand how best you communicate your message to people you serve. You must understand what your style of delivery will be and explore the possibilities of online and offline platforms to deploy your potentials.

Finding your purpose is great. But it is only your chance to live a meaningful and fulfilling life to the glory of God and for the advancement of the human society. You must go ahead and in fact pursue your purpose to maximise your potential and make significant difference with your life time. As you get started, I pray these tips help you live more intentionally and purposefully.

I call you blessed!


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