Dreams Come True!


Whenever I get the opportunity to connect with young people particularly teenagers and children, I always ask what dreams they have about the future. Their responses have always been amazing. I always hear these young people say they want to be artistes, teachers, politicians, lawyers, doctors, pilots and even the weirdest things you can imagine.

I know their dreams come from various sources. Some have a colouration of satisfaction with parental successes and a desire to become like Dad or Mum. Others just imagine that anything is possible and they flow with it. Somehow, there is a faith in every child that makes dreaming big possible.

But what happens as these kids grow up? Suddenly, they are not as lively and enthusiastic about life as they used to be. Someone said, childhood is the time to dream but adulthood is the time to wake up and face reality!

So when I talk to those children, I am tempted to say, “Don’t worry, I give you 10 years and you will just want to marry, have a job and live a quiet life.” But then, I think there is no harm in letting a child hope, so I tell him to believe in his dreams and I silently walk away.

Joseph had a dream at the tender age of 17 and you can tell, he was super excited  so much that he could not stop talking about his dream, even over dinner. But soon, the mischief of his brothers landed him in Egypt as a slave. We will expect that he was just going to say bye to his dreams like most  adults have. But NO, Joseph held on. He held on to God, who alone could bring his dreams to pass.

Whatever juncture you are in the journey of your life, this week, I encourage you to hold on to the God-given dreams in your heart. You may be in the Egypt of a job you hate. You may be in the prison of so much lack and your desires and aspirations seem impossible, just hold on. God will fulfill His purpose for your life.

And if you have a child around you, kindly cultivate the habit of helping him know that his dreams are possible. Let Him know that life may throw all sorts of darts at him, but with patience, persistence and a complete dosage of diligence, he can become all that God has planned for him to become because dreams come true!


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