Holy Week Reflections


Here in Yenagoa, not much has been happening with respect to Easter. It was a friend who reminded me that last Sunday was Palm Sunday ushering us into the week called the Holy Week.

During Christmas, we celebrate the love of the Father for giving us the Son and during Easter, we celebrate the grace of the Son who was willing to die for us when we did not even deserve it.

If we think about it, we’ll realize why purpose is about God and His kingdom. It has been Him who has continued to work for man’s redemption and now He works in us through the Holy Spirit who helps us become all that we can be based on the finished works of Jesus.

The purposeful life, sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of Jesus is the central focus of the Easter season. So, this Holy Week, I will like to share my thoughts on some lessons we can glean from the Easter story about finding, pursuing and fulfilling purpose.

1. Doing Purpose has a price.

Jesus was a man born to die. We may think it should have been easy for him since He was as much God as He was human. But when we read of His experience in the Garden of Gethsemane, we see that His death was a tradeoff of His will for that of the Father. On the cross, Jesus suffered a momentary separation from his Father. It was the price He had to pay to fulfill His purpose.

2. Doing Purpose is putting others first.

Jesus lived the whole of his life putting others first. He would go out of his way to eat with outcasts and reach out to the brokenhearted. On one occasion, He wept and even on the cross, Jesus still put others first as He asked that God forgive His persecutors for their ignorance. His death was not for His own redemption. It was for humankind’s.

3. Doing Purpose is passing it on.

Jesus’ death and resurrection was about empowering mankind to establish the Kingdom on earth. From the beginning of His ministry, Christ focused on empowering his followers to live like Him and carry on His vision after His ascension. Through his sacrifice and the glory He gained, we all share his baton and have the hope to share in His glory in eternity.

John Maxwell wrote, “if you desire to lead, and you hope to find and fulfill the purpose for which God created you, then, you must have something to give.” Jesus gave up His glory and sacrificed His life to fulfill purpose. What are you giving up to fulfill your purpose? Are you living solely for yourself or using your gifts to sow seeds that benefit others? What will become of your vision when you are gone? Are you paying attention, to empowering others? Do the potentials of others thrive around you?

Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Holy Week Reflections”

  1. I couldn’t just pass by those questions in the last paragraph without screeenshotting it. This is an inspiring piece AimPurpose. Happy Easter to you too!


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