Grains in Egypt!


There is a story in the scriptures about how famine struck the whole of the ancient world and how Egypt became the city of refuge by virtue of the privileged information revealed to Pharaoh and the administrative wit of a certain young man named Joseph.

Meanwhile, in far away Canaan, Joseph’s father, Jacob invites his sons for a family meeting to discuss how the family will survive. Jacob tells them that he has heard that there is food in Egypt and therefore, instructed them to go to Egypt to get food and stop looking at themselves complacently till they all die.

When Jacob learned that there was food in Egypt, he said to his sons, “Why do you sit around here and look at one another? I’ve heard that there is food in Egypt. Go down there and buy some so that we can survive and not starve to death.” Genesis 42:1-2 MSG

From this story, it appears to me that sometimes, whether we live or die depends on our willingness to go to where grain is. Whether we move forward in our pursuits of purpose many times, depend on our willingness to follow the leads to where opportunities abound.

We can choose to remain under the limitations of our inadequacies or go to “Egypt” where what we need is available. “Egypt” could be a friend who is more knowledgeable than we are or a new appointment wherein our potentials can be better expended.

Several factors could have kept the Israelites from going to Egypt. Fear of the unknown, slothfulness, leadership deficiencies and so on. But the family got to the point where they had to face whatever the issues were for the continued survival of the family.

As we continue in the year, I want to admonish you to go to where the grain is. Swallow your pride. Face your fears. Allow God to strengthen you not to be slothful and give your best to your pursuit in renewed efforts to live fully and die empty!


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