Happy New Year!
May this year bring you new opportunities for greater exploits and may a new and better you be unveiled!

When I thought about what my first post of the year should be, a myriad of topics crossed my mind… You know, the new year talk about setting goals, resolutions and so on. But I figured you have probably read a lot of that already and by now, your goals for the year are all set. You may have even started the journey to having your best year ever.

So, this week I just want to encourage you to keep your focus on the things that matter to God and His purpose for your life. Make it your life goal to please God in every way this year.

Be reminded that this may be the year that Jesus will return. So live prepared.

Sometimes ago, I read a story about a French general during the First World War.

At the First Battle of the Marne during the war, French Lieutenant-General Ferdinand Foch sent out this communiqué:

“My center is giving way, my right is retreating. Situation excellent. I am attacking.”

He was caught in tight circumstances, hard pressed on every side, his strategies for battle were failing, yet he said the situation was excellent and perfect for an attack. His willingness to see hope in that tough situation eventually led to victory for his troops.

Things may not go as you have planned them. You may find yourself trapped in the valley of decision, and your centre may seem to be giving way. Do all you can to keep hope alive. Say to yourself, “This situation is excellent for an attack in the place of prayer and in the acquisition of the right knowledge…”

Issues around your family, business, health or ministry may put a pessimistic spin on the great attitude with which you have started the year. I pray then, you will remember my words, believe the situation is excellent and let go so God can be most glorified!

You matter to me!
I wish you a blessed 2016.


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