Attending To Our Words

Attending to our Words. Photo by Alan via flickr.

A week after C. S. Lewis died in 1963, colleagues and friends gathered in the chapel of Magdalen College, Oxford, England, to pay tribute to the man whose writings had fanned the flames of faith and imagination in children and scholars alike.

During the memorial service, Lewis’ close friend, Austin Farrer, noted that Lewis always sent a handwritten personal reply to every letter he received from readers all over the world. “His characteristic attitude to people in general was one of consideration and respect,” Farrer said. “He paid you the compliment of attending to your words.”

Scripture says that God pays attention to every of our prayers. Even before we ask, He knows what we need and makes it available. Even though, there are times we feel like He’s not hearing us, God hears and attends to our words. So, what should be our response to such a gracious disposition from the Almighty? Here are a few thoughts.

1. We must be grateful. We have not done anything to deserve the attention God gives us. The psalmist struggled with this issue and he asked; “What is man that You (God) are mindful of him?” Our first response to God’s mindfulness of us must be gratitude.

2. We must trust him. If God is thinking about every of our thought; if God is interested in our heart desires to give attention to them and make them prosper, then we must trust Him to do what He has graciously undertaken to do. We must trust Him with our lives and let Him lead us through the good and not good enough moments in life. We cannot help ourselves by worrying. It is fruitless. We must choose to trust God to grant our desires according to His Will.

3. We must learn to show consideration and respect for people around us too. Jesus told the story of the unfaithful debtor who was forgiven his debts but who went on to imprison his own debtor. We should not be like him. If God pays attention to our words, thoughts and desires, we also should give others the courtesy of listening to them, offering them help as much as we can and interceding with God on their behalf.

At all times, even in hours of deepest need, God attends to our words. For this, we must be grateful. We must trust His love and attend to the words of others too.


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