Hey! It’s December!

One last drop...

Spanish El Bulli restaurant was so popular that customers must reserve a table 6 months in advance. But the highly successful chef Ferran Adrià decided to close the doors of his award-winning restaurant for 2 years so he and his staff could have time to think, plan, and innovate. Adrià was once quoted to have said, “If we are winning all the prizes, why change? Working 15 hours a day leaves us very little time to create.” In the midst of great success, they took time out for what is most important to them- creativity.

As we gradually draw the curtain on 2015, I believe it is necessary that we intentionally take some time out to evaluate our successes this year and begin to pray, plan and prepare for greater accomplishments in 2016.

We should not only take stock of our successes, we must pay attention to our failures too. We can learn from them and make necessary adjustments. Do you have any unrealized goals? Can you point out why things did not go as you planned? What would you do by God’s help to become better prepared to surmount the challenges that are sure to come in 2016?

Personally, it was my desire to read the Bible through again this year. One thing led to another, I became complacent in the pursuit of this goal. If I intend to make it my objective next year, I must take my time to understand the dynamics of why and how I failed this year so that I can be better equipped to make my desires come through.

Please be sure to not postpone any thing you should and can do this year till the next. The sun in the sky may still be shining enough to dry some of your clothes. Seize the day!

But then, the time will soon come when everyone would be making new year resolutions. There is a reason why many of your resolutions for 2015 are still wishes. Why not take some time this December to find out why?


4 thoughts on “Hey! It’s December!”

  1. I think people bite more than they can chew. Personally, I had many goals at the beginning of the year and I didn’t achieve most. I feel the best is to set few goals and work towards it, that way, with God on your side you can focus more and achieve your goals. Its much better to have few things on your list and achieve them than have 20 and not achieve any.


    1. Hmm.. You’re right Beekeh. We often bite more than we can chew when we make plans and set goals. This is another reason why we must take our time to measure the sizes of our morsels and cut our bites according to the width of our mouths. Thanks for your comment. Happy December!


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