Safe and Secure!


When butterflies hatch at Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they do so in an indoor tropical paradise perfectly suited to meet their every need. The temperature is perfect. The humidity is perfect. The food is a perfect balance of calories and nutrition to keep them healthy. No need to go elsewhere. Yet some butterflies see the bright blue sky outside the conservatory and spend their days fluttering near the glass ceiling far away from the plentiful food supply.*

Upon the discovery of God’s purpose for our lives, we set out to make good His calling upon our destinies and God promises to provide all that we need to prosper in our ways. In the centre of God’s will for our lives, all that we need are already provided. But how often, do we find ourselves desiring things that are out of God’s will for us? We look at the world around us and long for the onions and cucumber of Egypt unsatisfied with the Manna from Heaven above.

At such times God looks at us like an observer of those butterflies would, and He says “Don’t you know everything you need is inside? The outside is cold and harsh, and you will die within minutes if you get what you are longing to have.”

In recent times, I have found myself in this situation when I think I know what is best for me and find God’s love for me truly restraining. You probably have had such times too. Let’s be encouraged that God loves us. He wants the best for us. Only in God’s plan can all our needs be unconditionally met. Only by leaning on His everlasting arms, can we be safe, secure and free to be all He planned us to be!
*Julie Ackerman Link, Our Daily Bread, March 7, 2013.


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