Square Shaped Watermelons

Background Image by Paulina_77 via flickr.

During the early 1970s in Ghana, a poster titled “The Heart of Man” appeared on walls and public notice boards. In one picture, all kinds of reptiles—symbols of the vile and despicable—filled the heart-shaped painting with the head of a very unhappy man on top of it. Another image showed a contented man with a heart that was clean and serene. The caption beneath the images read: “What is the condition of your heart?”

In Jeremiah 17:9, Scriptures talk about the wicked darkness of the human heart. This condition of the heart of the natural man makes him unpredictable and unreliable. Like the Earth was prior to God’s intervention with light, the natural man’s heart is a soup of nothingness. There can be no kingdom minded operation in and through a man unless he experiences the entrance of God’s Word by which he is transformed.

Apostle Paul says that we are not to be conformed to the world, but are to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. There are at least three reasons why such process of renewal and transformation is necessary for the discovery and pursuit of God’s purpose for our lives.

One, only by a renewed mind can we be able to discern God’s good, pleasing and perfect will.

Two, because the things of God are spiritually discerned. Only by a renewed mind can we accurately understand the working of God’s kingdom in our lives and those around us.

Three, only by the renewal of our minds can we live the Kingdom life, thereby shining God’s light.

Indian author and minister, Ajai Prackash tells of how some Japanese farmers exported some fully grown square shaped watermelons. People wanted them because due to their shape, they could be easily stored in the refrigerator. But how were these farmers able to produce square shaped watermelons? They were placed in tempered-glass cubes while they were still growing!

Our minds are like that. If we don’t pay attention to things that influence us, we will grow to be shaped by worldly pressures and stuffs other than God’s Word. For the sake of the calling and investments of God upon our lives, we must always ask ourselves, “What is the condition of my heart?”


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