Doing Purpose, Meeting Needs.


I recently read the story of Robert Raikes who in 1780 had a burden for the poor, illiterate children in his London neighborhood. He noticed that nothing was being done to help these children, so he set out to make a difference.

He hired some women to set up schools for them on Sunday. Using the Bible as their textbook, the teachers taught the poorest children of London to read and introduced them to the wisdom of the Bible. Soon, about 100 children were attending these classes and enjoying lunch in a safe, clean environment.

These “Sunday schools,” as they were soon called, eventually touched the lives of thousands of boys and girls. By 1831, Sunday schools in Great Britain reached more than a million children—all because one man understood this truth: problems are meant to be solved and needs met.

Our society is as it is because we have continued to pass the buck. Our chain of indecision is so long, we are gradually becoming insensitive to our insensitivity.

Poverty. Illiteracy. Sexual abuse. Spiritual apathy. The list of the problems that surround us is endless and the only measurement of the effectiveness of our pursuits of purpose is if we can find and meet the needs around us, glorifying God in the process.

This week, I want to remind you that your purpose is God’s specific mandate for you to meet a need. Robert Raikes found a need and he met it. So did William Wilberforce, Mother Theresa and everyone who ever walked the face of the earth that was called great. God saw a need. The people he loved so much needed a Saviour and He sent Jesus. Every conception has been for the same reason- a need had to be met, a role to be played in His divine agenda. You are no exception!

So, if you have found purpose, I implore you to get busy serving, employing your gifts; and if you still seek discovery, I pray God opens your eyes to see the need He has called you to meet and lead you to them whose heart cry necessitated your birth!


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