Ripple Effect

Photo by Cindy lee Jones via flickr

Happy New Month friends! May God help us to maximise all the days of this month as we do purpose and release our deepest potential for Kingdom expansion and societal transformation.

When I resumed at my place of work earlier this year, my first assignment was to read a novel, Compelling Evidence by Steve Martini. It was about how the reckless infidelity of Talia Potter causes her Sixty year old husband Benjamin to desire divorce and plan a subsequent marriage with a 26 year old Sharon Cooper. Unfortunately, Ben dies in circumstances that first looked like a suicide but is quick to be understood based on evidence uncovered as a heartless murder.

Talia is arraigned as a suspect for the crime since it is established that she knew about her husband’s plan to divorce her and had a lot to loose should the divorce succeed. This was so by virtue of a prenuptial agreement that gave a right of inheritance only if the couple were married at the time of the death of the husband. At the end, it turns out that George Cooper, forensic expert who saved Talia from conviction and father of the Sharon who had died some times before Ben’s death actually killed him on discovering that lady had died in the care of her rich lover.

One of the biggest lessons I gleaned from this story is the fact that while our actions, reactions and interactions may be personal or private, they always carry consequences that are neither private nor personal.

God has created the world to revolve round a circle. It is how life works. What we do or don’t do affect people around us and those who will come after us either positively or negatively. Whether or not you connect with God to find out why you are here so that you can live fully and fulfilled will have consequences beyond you.

We probably will be more careful if we paid attention to the ripple effect of our actions. Scripture says by one man, sin entered the world, by another man, Jesus Christ, salvation is made available for all mankind. You don’t know how much power you have until you understand the tremendous influence of your choices.

This month, I encourage you to lean on God and glean on His Word to make the best choices possible, devoid of regret. For as long as the earth remains, seed time and harvest shall not cease.


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