The Priority of Getting Better.

Can you get better?

The story is told of a young boy about 12 years of age who would rise very early every morning clutching an old cello case. He had developed interests in the cello after seeing the instrument in a music recital at age eleven; soon, his father built him one. His interests and commitment to music at such an early age proved to be the seed of destiny for one of the world’s greatest cellist.

At age 85, Pablo Casals despite his great success, continued to rise early and spend most of the day practicing his cello. When he was asked during an interview why he continued to practice five hours a day, Casals replied, “Because I think I’m getting better.”

God has blessed each of us with gifts, talents and unique life experiences so that we can bless the human family and advance God’s eternal plan for humanity. But too often, we settle for the normal when we can break limits and set new frontiers. Too often we fail to reach the height and depth of our greatest potentials because we achieve a level of success and get stuck.

I want to share three things very quickly on how we can keep the priority of getting better.

First, our discovery of purpose makes the releasing and maximisation of our potentials absolutely necessary. When you find purpose and decide to follow God through in its pursuit, you sign up for a pursuit to maximise your potentials.

Second, the discovery of purpose does not always translate to the maximisation of your potentials. You have to make a decision to develop a plan for your continuous growth. Your commitment to growth is key to giving your getting better a priority. If you are a writer for instance, how often would you write, read and engage other writers in order to hone your skills and grow your art? Growth must be intentional.

Third, you must continuously reexamine your progress. Know that you compete only with yourself. Thus you must constantly ask yourself; “Have I fully utilized my abilities, talents and gifts?” “Can I do better?”

When we read stories of men like Pablo Casals, the Apostle Paul and even our Jesus, our Lord, we are reminded that we have a responsibility to live our lives to fullest. We must not settle for less than out best when we can get better. We must make it our priority to get better not just for our own sake, but for those who will come after us, treading the paths that we currently tread!


6 thoughts on “The Priority of Getting Better.”

    1. True. It is God who works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure. Our getting better at what we do definitely gives Him pleasure.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. It means a lot.


  1. This is so on point. Discovery of purpose is not the same as maximization of potentials. Thanks AimPurpose for reminding us not to settle for good when the best is yet to come. Ride on bro! Keep making God famous


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