Doing Business with Time.

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For a while now, I have found myself thinking about the issue of time and our estimation of its value. I have come to understand that Time is the currency of life. In all that we do, we trade with time. Indeed, the quality of our lives depends on the effectiveness of our usage of time. You know the cliché, time is money.

As I pondered more on this issue, I realized that because our pursuits of purpose involve people, we are traders in the business of time. Our quest to share our life messages with people is a request for people to exchange their time for something we claim we have to offer.

The question then is: how much value do you have to exchange for people’s time? If I spared you five minutes of my time to listen to your message, would it be worth it?

This was the question that bothered my heart as I read Timi’s post on the new ERT features on the WordPress reader. Your stopping by to read my post this week reflects your desire to spend some time to hear what I have to say either to help you find God’s purpose for your life or to make you more effective in the pursuit of God’s purpose for your life. It is my sincere hope that at the end of today when you balance your account, the time you spend here will be worth the value you got.

But then, the quality of what you have to offer those who listen to you everyday, every week and all the time is a function of what you are also exchanging your time for. If you spend your time feeding on junks, you can only offer me junks in exchange for my time.

This is why you and I must read. It is why we spend time with God. To remain fresh. To have value to offer for time. It is why we must spend our time and money to develop ourselves. Because very soon, people will have to give more than their time to listen to us. They will have to pay money to hear us. But what would we have to offer then? What do we have to offer now?

12 thoughts on “Doing Business with Time.”

  1. How we use our time is indeed a key in fulfilling purpose in this world. King Solomon rightly put it that there is time for everything, it’s up to us as young people to recognize the essence of time as we grow, God help us all.
    Thanks Ife for the great piece.


    1. Thank you for your comment Muyiwa. Without an understanding of the essence of time, we surely cannot maximise our potentials to grow.
      Thank you for giving me your time!


  2. Ife you’ve really said the whole truth about time. May God help us to make use of our time wisely. I think planning properly on things you want to do, and reflecting on things already done/achieved would go a long way in helping us to be faithful in the way we make use of our time.


    1. Yes Ayokunnu, proper and intentional planning is key to not just a better management of time but also ourselves. Thank you for spending time with me. I’m sure it was worth it.


  3. The time spent reading this piece has been worth it. I am reminded of the essence of personal development again. Thanks Aimpurpose for this piece! More Grace.


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