Travelling Light (2)

Photo by Peshkova via Shutterstock.com

Last week we talked about the idea of travelling light and how it applies to our pursuits of purpose. We saw three things that are needless packing in our bag as we journey on the path of God’s purpose for our lives. So, this week I want to share very briefly three things that we must do well to pack in our bags as we travel. The beauty of traveling light is packing smart and learning to keep our priorities in tact. These are top three things we must have with us as we travel.

  1. Faith.
    In this regard, faith is like our clothing. Without it we are naked, vulnerable and at the risk of other people’s scorn and displeasure. Our faith in God as our creator and saviour is a foundational element of our pack for the journey of purpose. Our continuous trusting in Him as the author and finisher of our purposes is more than necessary for a successful pursuit.

  2. Vision
    Top on the list of travel tips I checked while writing this piece is the instruction to travel with a map. Vision is like a map that determines the path you take in the pursuit of your purpose. Without vision, we will soon be lost in the wilderness of confusion and caught up in the desert of activities with no progress. Helen Keller rightly observed that  the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. We must travel with our vision and our plan for its execution.

  3. Right Association
    Great travel experiences are best had with other people. The pursuit of purpose is not only lonely without people, it is drudgery. God saw this when He said it was not good for the first Man to be alone. We need to keep company with the right people- mentors, colleagues and proteges. This means we must be located in the right environment.

Travelling light is an art. You can get better. As you journey in the pursuit of your purpose, with your life as your bag, it is important that you check periodically if you are not carrying what you ought not and if you have not lost the things that really matter. Be sure always that your faith an vision are in tact and you are travelling with the right people.

I want to hear from you. What should we pack along as we do purpose? Please leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Travelling Light (2)”

  1. Thanks for this piece. This three forms the core of what we should pack. But I think it is good we also pack character and a correct attitude or heart, this will help to handle challenges on the way.


  2. Sometimes in our pursuit of purpose we face hard times – delay, disappointments, unanswered prayers and we might wanna think God isn’t there for us, for such times we need perseverance and absolute trust that He makes ALL things (both the good and the bad) work for our good


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