Money and Your Pursuit


Last weekend on JustPurposeDaily, I attempted a discussion on the issue of money and the pursuit of purpose. I have decided to share those thoughts together as a blog post to emphasize the necessity of putting the role of money in the right perspective.

Money, according to my knowledge of Secondary School Economics, is the earth’s legal tender. It is with money that possessions are acquired and purchases made. In fact, it is said that money answers all things. In the pursuit of your purpose on earth, your interaction with money is inevitable.
Thus, it becomes necessary that we learn to put the importance of money in perspective lest we misplace our priorities and fall for the evil that befalls them who gain all to lose all. One thing the Bible says about money is the fact that money is a master. Christ warns that we cannot serve both God and Mammon (referring to all of the earth’s materialistic tendencies.)
If you will fulfil purpose, you must get a mastery of money so that it means nothing to you when compared with your love for your Lord. The love of money is not in the possession of it but in an obsession for it.

You can exhibit your mastery of money in two ways- Giving and Contentment.
When you learn to give money based on your understanding that all that you are and have belongs to God and you have the duty to be a faithful steward living only as the Master pleases, you begin to exhibit a control over your possession, and money becomes your servant. There is a reason why the giver’s hand is always at the top. He decides the fate of his money!
When you understand that the quality of your life is not in what you have, you will learn to be contented whether or not you have. Godliness plus contentment is one of life’s richest equations. Money has no control over him whose joy comes from God and not things.

It is true that finance is one of the greatest concerns of anyone who has got a strategy for the pursuit of his purpose. Someone once told me he has big ideas but he does not have big money.
First, you must understand that the provision for your pursuit of purpose is purely God’s business. This means that you must settle issues with Him in prayers instead of engaging in needless worry.
Second, know that God has a fund raising strategy for every project. It is His project after all. Your duty is to believe in God’s ability to provide and to do whatever He tells you to do. It is God who gives the ability to make wealth. It is He who gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater. You can trust Him.

To close, I believe that God raises some people to be Kingdom Financiers. These are people that He gives remarkably supernatural abilities to make wealth as well as the ability and passion to give. If you have a knack for business or you find that you always have money as well as the urge to give it, perhaps this is a ministry God would be committing to your hands. I want to beg you to seek his face on how you can begin to participate in his strategies to finance kingdom projects.

In the final analysis, whatever we possess for ourselves will perish sometime soon; only what we do for the King, the kingdom and humanity outlive us.


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