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When I talk to people about purpose discovery, I love to hear them speak from their heart. I understand that God has created every one of us with a unique heartbeat. This not only reflect the uniqueness of the rhythm of our blood producing organ, but also the issues and people for whom our hearts beat- Our Passions.

Nehemiah was comfortable in the foreign land where he served the King but when he heard of the reproach of the City of Jerusalem as her walls were broken and shamefully deserted, his heart broke. He could not eat. He could not rest. Everything in him was stirred to want to do something about Israel’s reproach. He got letters from the king and went back home to get the work done. He accomplished the mission because he listened to God in His heart.

What is it that breaks your heart? What grieves you? Battered wives? Abused children? Ignorance? Disease? Poverty? Masturbation and pornography? Spiritual apathy among young people? What makes you cry is a clue to the problem you were created to solve, conquer and change. Compassion is a signpost. Where you hurt the most is a clue to what you may heal the best.

What Needs Will You Meet?

You are a reward to someone. Your purpose is God’s specific mandate for you to meet a need. What need will you meet?

a. Spiritual needs: Will you be concerned about the spirituality of people around you? God has called us to the ministry of reconciliation, discipleship and kingdom building. Will these be your personal, specific life ministry?

b. Physical needs: There are several people in our world who lack shelter, clothing and food. Will God use you to meet such physical needs? Will you make your resources available for other people to live better lives?

c. Emotional needs: Individuals who are hurting abound around you. Will they find a comforter and an inspiration in you? Is your heart burdened for young people suffering from issues of self-esteem, and parental irresponsibility?

d. Relational needs: Will you be concerned about issues that border on relationships? Will you help people create and sustain Christ-centered relationships in their homes, workplaces, Church and in society at large?

e. Vocational needs: Our society is in dire need of professionals with integrity of heart and skillfulness of hands. Will you use your expertise in service to God’s kingdom and humanity?

You have been gifted to meet any of the above needs. You must not ignore the bleeding of your heart any longer. Enough of your sidon look attitude. Ask God what he wants to do about that issue that breaks your heart and what role he will have you play in the solution to the problem.
Let your heart beat for God!



  1. I smiled as I read because just the other day, I was reading Nehemiah and musing over some thing similar. Was Nehemiah the only one that heard that ‘… The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned with fire.’? How come he was the ‘only’ one troubled enough to act?

    I like how you’ve identified different areas where we may be stirred. I like to think that although our passions inter-lap, we do well to identify the dominant areas. Let the journey begin…


  2. True Timi, our passions do interlap and we definitely can meet more than one need. Sadly, many of us hear the news of problems around us but refuse to be stirred to act when we can. God must help our hearts to beat for what concerns his heart very deeply! Yes, Let the journey begin…!


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