More Than a Bodyguard!


The young David had been anointed king in the place of the rejected King Saul. However, his coronation took a while and Saul still paraded himself as the substantive king. David had displayed a remarkable level of courage when he took up the fight with the Goliath of Gath and the praise he got for this heroic victory ignited envy in Saul and he began looking for ways to kill the young man who thereafter doubled as his son-in-law.

It was on his exile away from Saul that we find David in the camp of Achish, a Philistine King. War broke out between Israel and Philistine again and Achish sought David’s support to fight against his own people. David gave a favourable response which some scholars say was ambiguous and could not be taken to mean that he would betray his own people. But in any case, we find that Achish was pleased with David’s response and he declared that David would be his bodyguard for life! (1 Samuel 28:1-2)

This declaration by a heathen king concerning a man whom God had anointed and who had the potential to reign as King over God’s own people struck me. David was the man after God’s heart. He was going to be the father of the wisest and richest man to have ever lived. He was the man that carried in his loins the One who would become the Messiah of the world.  David was the man that God planned to establish his throne forever. Yet, because of the dictates of his current situation, he was going to be made the bodyguard to the king of an enemy nation, not for a little while, but forever! Nothing could be more tragic!

Israel would perhaps be made to put up with plenty more years under the leadership of a King who had lost touch of God’s vision for his life and the redemption plan would have suffered a great setback.

Thankfully, this never happened. The Philistine lords did not trust David so he was sent back.

In his book, How to Reach Your Full Potential for God: Never Settle for Less than His Best,  Charles F. Stanley tells of his interactions with people and what he calls their “settled-for life.” Someplace along their journey, people became complacent and content in their circumstances. They settled for what they believed was adequate or satisfactory. They settled for being a bodyguard when they could become kings. They strove to survive when they could thrive.

If we will not understand who God says we are and the potentials we carry to give expression to our identity, it will be difficult to bring about God’s plan for our lives.

God had a plan to make David king, and it would take just a little longer to turn the plan into reality. I imagine if David did not appreciate who God had created Him to be and the potential he had to become one of Israel’s best Kings, he could have settled for being a bodyguard when he could become a king.

Bernard Shaw played the “What If” game shortly before he died. “Mr. Shaw,” asked a reporter, “if you could live your life over and be anybody you’ve known, or any person from history, who would you be?” “I would choose,” replied Shaw “to be the man George Bernard Shaw could have been, but never was.”*

Your life is not a game. You must live fully so that at the end, there is not going to be a better version of you that the world never saw! 
No matter what you are going through, no matter where you are on your life’s journey, you can be better. You must not live in the shadow of who you were created to be neither should you live in the shadow of another man. Never settle for anything less than God created you to be.

Stay with God to receive clear directions for your life. He has the master plan, let Him lead you! Don’t allow anybody make you a bodyguard when God has reserved a throne for you to be relevant forever!

* http://www.dreamjobcoaching.com/resources/articles/playing-the-what-if-game-can-help-you-find-the-right-job


4 thoughts on “More Than a Bodyguard!”

  1. Don’t allow anybody make you a bodyguard(no matter how good their intention seems) when God has reserved a throne for you to be relevant forever! As far as it’s not in God’s agenda, then there’s no need settling for it. Hmm! Nice write up bro!


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