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Oni Blessing: Leverage of Grace (Epilogue)


Beyond my frailty I always see
A puissance deeply rooted in me
Fragile and weak I may be
But undeserved favour flows freely from Thee

A legion of obstacles stare me in the face
There are shackles that try to limit my pace
But one thing has kept me in the race-
Absolute reliance upon Thy grace.
-Oladejo Oluwatoosin.

Each time I look back at my Academic history, how it all began, I cannot help but marvel at what God’s Grace is capable of.

Just like every young child, I started my schooling at the appropriate age, had friends whom I felt inferior to because I thought I was not sound academically as they were.

My basic (primary) education was okay, the peak I attained then, was third position in class. I was stunned when one of my teachers gave me a present as the most scientific inclined pupil, he saw greatness in me but i couldn’t see it manifest.

During my first two years in Secondary school, I struggled with Mathematics and like the biblical story of Jacob, it broke me. If I was to describe my performance in Math in one word, it would be POOR. Things improved in my third year and then in Senior Secondary school, but then, my best was just average. My O’Level speaks volume about that.

I wrote UME (as it then was) twice. I was of the school of thought that if you cannot gain admission into a university the very year you finished your O’Level, then you aren’t a good student. I could not gain admission the very year I finished so had to wait at home for the next opportunity.

This waiting period was a landmark in my life, because it was during this period that I experienced what I call Academic breakthrough, Grace brought out of me capabilities I never thought I had inside me.

From that moment Mathematics became very easy, it became what I enjoy doing and to my amazement Mathematics which was something I dreaded became one of the things I am and would be celebrated for.

Grace has unfolded the potentials locked up in me. Grace has unleashed greatness in me and as I write this, Grace gives me confidence that greater things are to come!
This is my Story- the story of Grace being God’s release of an astonishing capacity for excellence!

Oni Blessing recently finished from the University of Ibadan with a First Class (Honours) degree in Mathematics. She believes her academics would be a platform for her to raise leaders whose purity is a product of an intentional process of discipleship.

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.


14 thoughts on “Oni Blessing: Leverage of Grace (Epilogue)”

  1. Nice one. Love that part:
    Grace gives me confidence that
    greater things are to come!. Invariably, Grace proclaims: it Can only get BETTER!!!


  2. Grace -The lubricant to our moving part! Dililigency says “keep at it”, Grace says “We’ll do that without noise”. Blessed hope and peace for those who would rather choose Grace to unending struggle. Great testimony there , blessing. Greater grace to you.

    Thank you Aim


    1. I am glad you found the story encouraging. We are not of those who shrink back! By Grace we don’t give up when we can we go up! Thanks for reading and commenting! Glad to have you here!


  3. This “waiting” period was a landmark in my life . . .
    Interesting how God can turn a huge disappointment into a major blessing. Congratulations Oni. More grace to you!


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