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AyanfeOluwa Lawal: Leverage of Grace

Heaven knows I have done wrong; mercy helped me see I have been living a lie.
And while writing this song, thinking about your goodness I started to cry. 
Yes, oh oh oh grace; what would I do without grace?…
How can you love me still when I’ve done wrong? Grace
And how can I make it through this angry storm? Oh Grace
Say oh oh oh grace; what would I do without grace?
Where would I be without grace?

That’s an excerpt from Bebe & Cece Winans’ Grace lyrics.
I was listening to it just this morning and it made so much sense!

Ifeoluwa gave me the herculean task of writing how I have enjoyed the leverage of Grace and it got me really thinking.

Hmm… The actual story of grace is that God’s love is not contingent on our performance. He loves us deeply and it isn’t based on what we have done or what we haven’t done. We did nothing to earn His love and we can do nothing to lose it!
It is a million times better than the cheap “sin now – pray later” mentality many of us settle for. Grace doesn’t cover up the sinfulness of your life – it shines a spotlight on it and gently prompts change because of the price with which you were bought.

Grace in itself is leverage. Grace makes you outstanding. It can be your factor of unfair advantage in life. It distinguishes you amongst the crowd. It keeps you alive in fatal accidents. It hides you from evil. It is the hedge roundabout you. It is God himself doting on you, bending over backwards for you and shielding you jealously like a mother-hen.


God’s grace has been all of these and much more to me. An encounter with this grace drastically alters a man’s life.

Hey! I was told to share my story and not preach. Please pardon me! You see, about 80% of what grace has done for me is really private and personal. So I won’t be able to share them. Please, drink zobo while I share the 20%. Lol.

I started enjoying grace even before I was born. Yeah! I was born into a Christ-centred family.
That I wasn’t born into the home of an “Alfa kan ni Ilorin” is immense grace. Respect Baba! Thank you Jesus! For choosing me before I was born.

The Lord gave me a sense of purpose early in life. I knew who I was and what I wanted to be. As far back as primary school, I knew I wanted to be a broadcaster. I remember sitting on the school swing with a friend and I was telling her passionately how I will appear on TV casting the news. I didn’t know how but I just knew I was born for that. Grace eventually made it happen! Glory!

I wrote S.S.C.E only once. How I passed all my papers especially that dreaded Mathematics still beats me. Like, How? It must have been God. In fact, it was God. Olorun ni mehn!

Gehngehn! So I gained admission and God shielded me from predators. Ah! But for Grace! I was only 16, naive and highly vulnerable. I briefly dated a pastor who almost raped me. How I came out unscathed from that deserted house must have been God! How could I have known that a “paitor” in awa church could attempt to rape me? Now I know better! What was I doing dating at 16 gan paapaa? Now I know better! In all, God hid me in himself! I made foolish decisions. I was a serious learner. But Mercy kept saying No! Mercy kept holding me back from fatal mistakes! Grace preserved me! I learned that when grace is at work, you would have a lot of almosts in life.

I would have married wrongly! I was at the threshold of exchanging destiny on the altar of early marriage (what does that even mean?) But God snatched me violently!

I was hurt. I cried. I thought God was wicked. I questioned Him. I was mad at Him. It took only few months to know Grace was at work. Even when I thought God was treating me unfairly, it was actually grace in action. Oh! How I have seen God’s grace sustain me through difficult times!

I graduated and got jobs through grace. Imagine walking into an organisation without knowing no one and demanding for a job. And I got it! Just like that! Grace noni!

Everything I experienced was part of God’s grace for me.

“…My purpose in writing is to encourage you and assure you that what you are
experiencing is truly part of God’s grace for you. Stand firm in this grace.” 1 Peter 5:12b.

Everything grace ever did for me was connected to my purpose. I passed through this route in life because of purpose and God’s precious call over me. The Lord has given me licence to be an answer. He gave me the audacity to arise into my calling. He keeps giving me platforms that have humbled me! He has given me a mouth! He anointed my head. Everything grace has done for me equipped me for purpose. Grace is grand!

God’s sustaining grace keeps me standing when I am tempted, strengthens me when I am tired and empowers me when I am troubled. Grace has just been enough!

I have been through pitfalls in the marathon of life, but thanks to the Almighty for the precious GRACE He has lavishly bestowed!

Ayanfe is a beacon of hope to young people. A mentor and a model for many aspiring for sexual chastity and purpose centered relationships. She is a news reporter/caster, professional Compere and a Public speaker. Her Passion for reinstating moral sanctity amongst young singles has led her to Pioneer ‘Virtuous Maidens’, a teenage ministry and ‘Covenant sisters’ for Young Adults; both with a mandate to provide mentorship and create forums for proper discussion and dissemination of God given principles for sex and sexual relations. Ayanfe runs with the singular conviction that Sex must be saved for Marriage.

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.


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