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Iremide Akinsola: My Leverage of Grace!


If I am told to sum up my life in one word, it would be Grace.

I am a work in progress. Nothing but mere clay in the hands of the Potter. Therefore, for the privilege to be called His own, I am grateful.

The gift of salvation ranks as the most important gift a man can receive and I have been privileged to receive it. This is the greatest manifestation of the love of Christ. No one comes to the Father except the Father draws him in. This is the saving Grace.

Recognizing that every step of my life is ordered by God brings relief and joy to my heart. There have been experiences of trying times when the devil tried his best, times when fear sought to steal my joy, times when peace seemed to be a mirage, nothing but a mere illusion; times when tears flowed without seeking my permission. At times like this, I have experienced the peace of God that surpasses human understanding.

To tell you that the journey has been smooth and straight would be untrue. There have been times of stumbling; it is at times like this that I have experienced His redeeming grace. He is the good shepherd who always seeks the lost sheep. He has taken me from the brink of destruction and now, I am seated with Christ in heavenly places on my way in the journey of fulfillment.

As a student, I have seen another perspective of Grace. Humbling Grace, I would call it. Grace is what gives increase to the toiling, reading and any other effort. If the Lord does not build a house, then those who build it work in vain.

Sometimes, people spend hours trying to comprehend a concept, learn a particular approach or solve questions. Grace is what
gives the comprehension in minutes that others do not get in hours. Can I claim any credit for something I did not do? No. That’s why I believe true Grace humbles; it acknowledges the Source of it all.

To be able to dream of a brighter tomorrow is a privilege. Several people in various places around the world do not have a place to sleep, not to talk of dreaming of a brighter future. Also, the power to accomplish the dreams is not mine; it is His. I believe that the Enabling Grace of God will help accomplish this. He said in His word that He can do much more than we can imagine. I trust Him with my life.

Finally, Grace is what gives the assurance that even if weeping endures for a night, there will be joy in the morning. Even when things here don’t seem too good on earth, I am fully persuaded that He who has begun this good work in me is able to bring it to perfection on the day of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Now, that’s Amazing Grace!

Iremide is a graduate of Economics from Bowen University. His hobbies are reading, writing and listening to music. He believes that God seeks lights that would shine in this present darkness and He wants us to carry our candles to the ends of the earth. “Flying heaven’s flag on earth!”

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.


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