Defining Your Gifts

Photo by Kewal Gala via flickr.

Last week, I talked about how to make the best out of your life by understanding, releasing and maximising your potentials.

This week I want to address the issue of how you can discover your gifts. What practical steps can you take to find answers to the question of what you are capable of doing?

First, if you are asking this question, it is a step in the right direction and I am very happy for you.

Second, I want you to know that there really is no “how to” on discovering your potential. Yes, there are principles we must pay attention to but we cannot develop some steps and say by merely following them, a discovery of your potentials is guaranteed.

Like the discovery of anything valuable, understanding your potentials takes time- maybe a lifetime. Since your potentials are limitless, you probably will continue to find that there is something new you can do as you go on through life.

In the short length of time I have been devoted to helping people maximise their potentials, I have found that there is (actually) only one step to finding your gifts. It is not a complicated process. It is the path of experimentation.

I believe experimenting through service is the key to defining your gifts and talents. Let me explain what I mean with the fictional story of Henry.

“Henry used to be just a regular member of his church. He’ll just “pop in and pop out” not serving in any unit of the church because he always felt he had nothing to offer. One day, there was a vacancy in the church Sunday School department and the Pastor announced that the church needed people gifted in teaching to join the department. At first, Henry dismissed the silent thought that came to him asking him to volunteer for a few weeks and if he did not enjoy it, he’d withdraw. He really wanted to serve God but he had decided he would find his gifts first before joining any unit. After much struggle, he finally agreed to join the department ‘just for a few weeks.’ He currently serves as the Sunday School Superintendent of the church and even coordinates the Holiday Bible School for kids.”

You have several gifts, talents and abilities loaded inside you that you may never release unless you stepped out to try them out.
Service is the path to discovering what you are capable of doing because like Rick Warren once said “You will never know what you’re good at until you try.”

I agree that there are some [Spiritual] gifts that you do not experiment with- the gift of prophecy for instance. That is why I must warn you don’t just begin to serve but you must listen to God, paying attention to the burning bush.

You cannot refine your gifts unless you have defined them. Service provides a platform for both.

So, do you want to discover what you are capable of doing? Begin to volunteer. Take initiative. Embrace responsibility. Serve!

By God’s grace, this is the last piece I will be publishing as an undergraduate. I wish to dedicate this to all who have contributed to my successful pursuit of the LLB and to the LLB Klass of 14.
We have come this far, we are surely going farther! It is my prayer that we shall all discover purpose, maximise our potentials and sow seeds that will benefit others!

Regular and consistent Tuesday publications will resume next week. Thanks for flying with me!

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.


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