Why I Celebrate Christmas (2)

Photo by Danny VB via flickr.

I celebrate Christmas mainly because of two reasons: Love and Hope.
Love, in the sense that it was because God so loved the world that He sent Jesus Christ to this world. That was when God became human and dwelt among us. Only those who are in love would understand this fact. To me, sending someone to die on behalf of another person is the greatest love that has ever been exhibited…and Christ came willingly to die for us.
I also celebrate Christmas because of hope. Hope in the sense that the birth of Jesus brought hope to this world. We have hope because we know that when our time is up here on earth, as long as we accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior and as long as we continue to follow in His footsteps, we know that we would reign with God forever.

Makinde Sinmiloluwa @ PenWorkshop.

A friend once asked, “If asked to take the place of a drowning man, would you?” I thought for a while and then I disagreed. Why would I? Why did he go into the sea or ocean when he knew he could not swim? I have a life of my own to live so why should I die for someone else? These were thoughts that caressed my mind. Then he smiled and said, “That was all Christ did for you and I on the cross. He was born to die for us and died to save us. He could have sent the angels to do it but the main purpose, which is to save man once for all, might not be fulfilled. ” So I thought, “why not celebrate the birth of a man who fulfilled God’s purpose in his generation?” That’s why I celebrate Christmas!

Adebayo Rolake @adebayoaderolake@yahoo.com

You laid aside your glory and throne-
All the comfort royalty afforded
You switched from heaven to man’s zone
Down to earth You descended

You didn’t have to come
But in Your sacrificial nature You chose to,
You knew twas a journey too burdensome,
Yet You saw it as what you needed to do,

Love divine is all I see
Flowing freely like a river
Its all around me
And I know it is forever

Sitting by my bedside
In a gay and happy mood
I’m bubbling on the inside
Cause it feels just so good

Lord You’re the only reason-
The one around whom all things revolve
And so this season
I’m celebrating that amazing love!

Oladejo Oluwatoosin@teeto35@yahoo.com

Christmas … I love the carols and the lights, I love the hustle and bustle of people engrossed in the celebrations and the food, oh, I love the food too! It’s a ‘fun time’ when I get to see family again and reunite with friends that I haven’t seen throughout the year – catch up on all the ‘latest updates’… but, Christmas is beyond all of these, for me. It’s more about Whom it is about than who it is for – it is about God’s love sent down to me (who it is for)so that I wouldn’t just be caught up in the merriment and festivities only but, also have an assurance of a hope and solid future and that is the reason why I celebrate!

Queen Oset @Queen Oset’s blog

As we allow for the inevitable departure of 2014 and welcome the arrival of 2015, I wish to appreciate You for reading, commenting and sharing my posts this year. If you have been blessed in anyway by these posts, I am grateful to God and sweet Holy Spirit for the opportunity to join in His agenda for your life.
It is my prayer that 2015 will be greater for all of us as we discover and pursue God’s purpose for our lives.
Thanks for flying with me! The next shot is the big one!

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.


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