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Have you ever read the book of Ecclesiastes
and wondered first who the Preacher was and why his very morbid memoir should be part of God’s Word? I used to.

But one day, I decided to study this book of the Scriptures to hear God speak and not the Preacher and I found that very rich wisdom is buried in the book and in deed every Word from God including Solomon’s Song of Songs!

Perhaps one of the biggest truths I learnt from Ecclesiastes is the reality of life’s brevity, the vanity of a life without God and an understanding of His divine purposes for our lives.

I believe the key to maximising our potentials and fulfilling our life assignments lies in the understanding of what is most important as against anything we would do that would eventually attract God’s pronouncement of ‘Vanity.’ How terrible would it be to gain the whole world and lose the only thing we own, since everything is just a temporary loan! (Thanks to Lecrae for Confe$$ions)

My friend, Adejobi Oluwakorede sent me this beautiful piece written by her friend, Abobarin Ikeoluwa who has graciously permitted me to share it on this platform. Its lessons are simple and timely for our generation. We seem to be at the verge of the erosion of our collective morality, while scriptural principles are being traded for  anything that helps us cast off restraints.


Close your legs mum says
Preserve your body she prays
Premarital sex can be safe they lie
Believing the lies they die.

He will marry you in the end they teach
Please wait till then I preach
Condoms can prevent sexually transmitted diseases
Its no barrier for the spiritually sexually transmitted diseases.

I know you can abort the baby
Not even soaking garri in jik and harpic can abort the

Yeah those drugs can prevent pregnancy
Sweetheart mi, they can’t prevent shattered glory

You jump from Kate to Kim and you think you are a player
Honey please stop making yourself a loser.
You think it’s a joke?
Ask Solomon the importer and exporter of “hot babes”
He will tell you all is VANITY!

For a while I have not been regular with publication on Tuesday. I wish to apologise for this. As I approach the end of my study in UI, it has been super hectic to say the least. Please bear with me. Thanks for flying with me!

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Vanity!”

  1. If you believe there is more to life or more after this life, it alters your perspective, and getting it ‘right’ becomes important. When a man who had everything comments about the emptiness of it all, the lack of meaning, I pay attention. Thanks for reminding me.

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  2. I really love the way it applies to the youth especially with the inclusion of the poem.

    Many young people think it’s only after one is aged that one can really say vanity but here one need to learn from the vanity of others’ lives. Yes, you may think you are smarter and more lucky but the summation of it all would be vanity.

    Why not use vanity to gain eternity?

    Your life, time, skill and talent + intellect are examples of what you can trade with to get the life eternal.

    Permission to repost the poem sire?


  3. Nice one bro. I strongly agree that a life lived outside of God’s plan and purpose is vanity. Christ died and resurrected to give our life a meaning,enabling us to connect with our father so as not to live a life of vanity. Life is Purposeful and should be lived as such.

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