Key Skills for Effective Purpose Delivery


In July this year, I started what I called JustPurposeDaily- a daily posting of tips on purpose and potentials for readers on social media, specifically WhatsApp, Facebook, and BBM. I had been doing that before then, but I became consistent with it and it now became an everyday endeavour.

What I want to share this week is a spill over from the ideas that I shared on Monday (yesterday) and Tuesday (today). I want to share with you three skills I believe are necessary for the effectiveness of the delivery of your life message. Skilfulness is a necessity for the fulfilment of your vision and these three things are very important.

1. Writing

Maya Angelou once remarked, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you!” Writing is an outlet for your story. You have to learn how to put your words together in writing and be able to have people read. You might never have a blog or write a book. But you’ll always have to write.

The World’s greatest messages have been preserved because they were written down. Your message must be preserved for generations to come. Writing offers you that opportunity. It is not until you have the skills of Chimamanda Adiche or, Chinua Achebe, William Faulkner, Rick Warren or any other best-selling author or writer before you can utilize this art. Just know how to communicate your ideas in a manner we can read and understand. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. You too can write!

2. Speaking

Just like writing, speaking is central to the effective delivery of your life message. Speaking is about communicating your thoughts and ideas to others with your mouth. Ben Johnson once noted, “to speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk but a wise man speaks.” Talk is easy. Everybody talks. You have to learn to make your words count. Most great leaders were great speakers. Jesus was a great speaker. Communication experts still adapt principles from his works. You may not become like Mark Twain or even be close to Martin Luther King Jnr. You just must learn how to share your opinion, connect with your audience and inspire people.

“If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.” Gerald Ford.

3. Listening

Margaret Miller once made a comment on the kind of conversations we seem to always have. She said, “Most conversations are simply monologues delivered in the presence of a witness.” Rebecca West also shared this sentiment when she said there was no such thing as conversation. She said there are only “intersecting monologues.”

Listeners are scarce. We all want to talk and want others to listen. Of this, I must admit I am also guilty. But we cannot make impact if we don’t value people and learn to actively listen to them with the intent of understanding their situation and thoughts. Over time, I have learnt that when people come to share things with me, they are not always looking for a macho and Super Man to singlehandedly take over the world for them. What they seek is a sympathetic ear.

Don’t be quick to prescribe before you diagnose. Seek first to understand and then be understood.

Knowing when to offer tea and sympathy or a tool kit and a stout rope instead is the skill to learn!”- Richard Templar, Rules of Life

Writing, speaking and listening are all ingredients for an effective communication skills.

While it seems that some folks are born with these skills, we can all learn how to reach out to people to communicate our ideas to them by writing, speaking and listening!

Let me know what you think. Do you agree that these three skills are essentials for the delivery of your life message? Which of them do you think you need to work on and which would you think you are above average? What other skills do you think are necessary for making meaningful impact? Please join the conversation. Leave a comment!

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10 thoughts on “Key Skills for Effective Purpose Delivery”

  1. Well done brother.

    I have been considering these concerned skills for purpose delivery. Writing and speaking make everyone stand still to listen to he who got a message for them. I must be sincere with you, no man without listening hear got message! Isaiah 50, the Prophet said the Lord awakes my hears to listen and know what I will say to these weary ones! My Lord said, come unto me…. We must start purpose fulfillment from listening skills.


    1. Thanks for your comment sir. It is very true that listening is central to the delivery of our message. He does not have the right to speak, he who has not cared to listen! Thanks for dropping by.


  2. In my view listening and speaking are more important. One can always hire writers. Many books are ghost written or transcribed from messages & speeches. But who will “ghost” speak for you?


    1. True. Listening and speaking are more personally necessary. Someone once said it is difficult to find people who speak and write in a superb combo. I think it is a plus if you can speak and write. And I also believe we don’t all get speaking platforms easily as we could get opportunities to write. But Timi, I’m curious. Are you a better speaker than you are a writer?


      1. Hmmm, speak and write in a superb combo, I have to chew on that one.
        As for me, people describe me as eloquent and articulate. I have spent many more hours developing my writing, so I’m confident in that arena. Yet, I have never turned down an opportunity to speak because I did not know what to say. Speaking is a skill I want to get better at. Listening is something I’m always working on. When people feel heard, they feel valued, and I’d like to add value. Now you’ve made me talk a lot! 🙂


      2. Thanks for talking Timi. I would say listening, speaking and writing are all skills I want to get better at. Been reading some of Maxwell’s work on effective communication plus reading writers like Timi Yeseibo has been quite helpful for my writing aspirations… Thanks again for sharing. It is always good to have you around…

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great Piece. It is quite educative. May you not run dry. (AMEN)
    One major thing that is basic and fundamental to the fulfillment of purpose is Relationship. To foster relationship, communication must be developed. Hence the need to develop the afore mentioned skills (Writing, Speaking and Listening).
    Personally, I will have to work more on listening. Though seems simple but mostly neglected. We all desired to be heard. I desire to be Disciplined with every of the skills.
    I believe READING is also a major skill for making necessary impact. The path we are taken or proposing to take have been trodden by some people, we can learn from them. For one to be effective, you cannot learn and unlearn solely from personal experience. Besides, you don’t have all the time to yourself. Reading provides the platform for learning.
    Above all, we must give ourselves to Training. No one knows it all and no one knows nothing.
    AIM, thanks for conveying your thought in this manner.


    1. Thanks Detola. Reading is another skill we need to give ourselves to. The quality of the thoughts we want to share in writing and speaking is dependent on what we feed our minds. I love the saying that we should visit many books but should dwell in the Bible. Thanks again for flying with me!


  4. Thanks for ur weekly posts…although i dnt read them weekly but when i do it clears my doubt on current issues.
    All this skills are important-i try to write lessons i learn from God and from wise men of God,dnt know when next it’ll be needed if nt for me,for my nxt generation…i tend to find myself listening to a lot of ppl share their life views and personal stuffs esp. Bout relationships and i noticed i dnt get to share my experiences because they just want to know what they should do…now i tell ppl to make me talk and not be only the listener…so i think i should be working on my speaking skill.


    1. Ewajesu, thanks for dropping by. It is good you have identified, where you may need to work on, you should be intentional about becoming a better speaker… You may want to read John C. Maxwell’s Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. I think it’s a good read. Thanks again for flying with JustPurposeWeekly!


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