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It's precepts upon precepts!

Like most students, (if not all, I don’t envy the remaining few) I hate exams. I wish that we can read and study and do all that but not have to write exams. The season of examinations is that time when my campus is very dry and quiet with everybody walking silently as if what they’ve read is in the danger of evaporation. It is this examination period that I want to blame for my inability to blog this post yesterday. It is also because of exams that you can be sure this piece will be as short as it can be.
I just want to share the story of my friend, Oladejo Oluwatoosin. She is a young poet and I am sure you’ll be blessed by the poem she has graciously agreed to share on this platform.

“I’m a young girl who has overtime come to realize that I was made to Worship! For some time. I had been trying to find out what exactly God would have me do to impart my world. I used to think that the whole picture was going to be revealed all at once until I got hold of Isaiah 28:9-10 and vs 10 especially.
Indeed it has been precept upon precept, line upon line and getting a little here and there. As His plans for my life still unfold, I have gotten to see that He gave me two things that drive me crazy; the ability to write inspirational rhythmic poems and also to sing and write songs. I call these EXPRESSIONS from my heart to glorify God and bless men. He reminds me every time that these gifts are for His glory and also for the blessings of His people. And each time I do these things, I’m so convinced that I was made for this. I’m not there yet. It’s precept upon precept.
My poems mean a lot to me. They’re basically words from God to me that He desires I share with others. They speak about who God is to me, how He’d have me live, the desires He’s put in me to see things go right in my generation.”

That’s her story. This is her poem:


Destinies in captivity
Waiting to be delivered
People who want to live for eternity
Longing to be recovered

Lives seeking freedom
Just to do Your Will
They want to live for Your Kingdom
And worship with hearts quiet and still

Souls desiring to fulfil their time
With passion for purpose as well
They need a favourable clime
To be no longer trapped in a cell

In their helpless state
They plead for Your Salvation
So they can carry out the mandate
And thus, enjoy inner satisfaction

Hearken to their cry Oh Lord!
These weary souls revive
To dead and dry potentials, speak your Word
And they’ll sure come alive!

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.


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