You Have a Message!

For the past few weeks, I have featured young people whose discovery of Purpose has given a message. I am confident that you have picked some things from their sharing and experiences. If you are reading this but have not read those, please do so here

But, what is the point of all of these?

First, I have featured these people because their stories tell us that God has a message He wants to share with the world through us- you inclusive. No matter your background, status, origin, you have a message for the world; a word of change that runs like fire in your bones. The discovery of purpose gives you a message. This message, no matter how simple, is what your generation needs to be better.

Second, I have featured these people to show that purpose is not all about becoming a pastor. All of the folks who shared their life-messages with us are either students or graduates. They have not been to a pastor’s school neither do they pastor any church. All they have is a relationship with Jesus and an understanding of why they are on earth. We need to break the sacred-secular divide. Most of us think our only service to God is church- going or being a pastor. Nothing is farther from the truth. God is raising an army of people in the “secular” world who are called to be lawyers, doctors, engineers or whatever. You must find your place.

Third, these people have showed that purpose is unique and specific. You were not born to be fake or a copy of another. You are the first and last of your kind. No one is like or can be like you. You are unique and your purpose is unique to you.

Fourth, I have featured these people to show and emphasize the fact that life and exploits is never about employment but deployment. Your creator has a job for you. You only need to enrol to join his workforce and you will be deployed to good works pre-planned for you to do. All you need is a growing relationship with Jesus and a heart that asks: “What must I do Lord?”

What is Your Life's Message?

Later this year, I will continue with my “What is Your Life Message series. But as I end this piece, I want to trust that you are challenged to want to maximise your existence by discovering your life purpose and releasing your potentials. I invite you to a relationship with JESUS if you do not yet have one. Life is meaningless without Him and purpose-discovery starts with God- discovery. I want to invite you to a more desperate search for your life assignment as you engage your creator. Ask him to show you why you are on Earth, and as you appreciate your gifts and talents, you would appreciate those things God has wired you to do best.

Your life has a message. What has your life experiences taught you? What do you hate most about the World and you believe you were made to correct? You cannot continue to sit down. You have to rise and make a difference. So, today again I ask you, “What is your life message?”
I want to hear from you. Is there a topic or an issue about the subject of purpose and potentials that you are not clear with or which you want me to write about?   Do you have any questions or you wish to see a matter addressed on this platform? Please feel free to reach via my Contact or drop a comment. Gracias!

©2014, Alabi AimPurpose IfeOluwa
All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “You Have a Message!”

  1. I like the question, “What is your life message?” I like to think that we are story tellers writing a novel with our lives. Sometimes by looking at the story we’ve already written, we can see a pattern emerge. As you say, “What has your life experiences taught you? What do you hate most about the World and you believe you were made to correct?”
    Thank you for pointing out that our life’s message/work can transcend the ‘sacred’


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