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Being a man of thought, and having come to the understanding that my birth was not an afterthought, I sought to know my place. This I found in the Word while in fellowship with fellow believers;”…rebuilding the wall of righteousness (Ezekiel 22:30).

Looking at the world today, there are lots of complaints about things going wrong politically, economically, educationally and so on. Having had a deep reflection on this, I can safely assert that most, if not all of these challenges are offshoots of the laxity of Christians. We who have the excellent Spirit have gone to sleep and have left the management of our affairs in the hands of men who are still under the influence of the lusts of the flesh. So-called Christians have become the brains behind many atrocious acts, all in the name of “flowing with the tide”. Righteousness and integrity are now scarce among men who claim to be regenerated.

I believe the time has come for the Christian youth to arise and refuse to tow the despicable path of our predecessors. We have to actively show forth the life of Christ, and reflect the Light that Christ put into our lives when we received “the God-kind of life”. We need to make a difference, to make an impact and leave a legacy of integrity, faithfulness and uprightness.

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God is in the business of seeking men who will take the bull by the horn and stand against every form of hypocrisy, living their lives as “examples for other believers in speech, love, faith and purity.” In whatever field we find ourselves, let the touch of excellence that a Spirit-controlled life induces be seen in our words, actions and ideas. Let’s change the world’s perception of Christians as a “bunch of fanatic hypocrites” to “a crop of revolutionary, enterprising, creative, honest, diligent and God-fearing people”. Enough of watching the wall collapse while we sit and complain. It’s time to make the change we want to see, and it begins NOW, with US. RISE AND REBUILD THE WALL OF RIGHTEOUSNESS!


Oluwatobi Oladejo is a young man who believes he is called to, alongside others, redefine the perception the world has about Christians, and make a change, rebuilding the wall of righteousness. He is a student of Chemical Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State and a member of the Baptist Students Fellowship. Contact: 08139661113,


11 thoughts on “Tobi Oladejo: REBUILDING THE WALL”

  1. Tobi, this is a great article. I pray God gives you and I not just the will but the ability to be the change this generation awaits.


  2. Hmmm a clarion call to all christians to rise up to our responsibility in the world may God help us to carry out His desires


  3. dis. article is a gud one kudos to d writer but i av a question. The question how can we overcome some obstacles dat will. nt allow we youths to build,those obstacles are many so, i will nt. mention them


    1. Abimbola, thanks for your comment. Yes, the challenges and obstacles are enormous, overcoming these begins with a decision to take a stand and to make a difference. When we decide for God, we experience his defence and grace… We are not of those who shrink back cos of obstacles, we are believers!!


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