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Victoria Ibiwoye: The Story of One African Child


There is no particular universal definition of love as it may mean different things to different people and at different times. However, it can be said that love aggregates all of life’s good virtues as one. It is  refreshing when we love ourselves and others. In the absence of love, we walk eyes closed; the things we do even with all of our energy may seem incomplete. Love paints the world with the most beautiful colours which is why our spirit is alive each time we are around the people we love, when we think of them or when we do the things we love. Love is the root of happiness and all other great gifts germinate from it.

Giving is the most divine of all our actions. It doesn’t count how little we give or get, there is as much joy for both the giver and the receiver! Giving means expressing the godly side of humanity. Giving is a blessing. You bless each and every person who receives something from you. It can be said that giving is the key to heaven as there is nothing more divine than giving. God has showed us the way by giving us life. To give is to love.

The significance behind the art of loving and giving propelled me to establish OneAfricanChild.


OneAfricanChild is a non profitable organisation which has its goals in spreading love and happiness through selfless service.

I have come to learn the great joy there is in dedicating our time and resources so as to bless lives. This act of kindness is one of the greatest investments one can give to one’s community and the greater world.

Borrowing from the words of great Maya Angelou, this act of service has taught me to learn to see other people and see my reflection in them, for when one person is happy, it spreads.

I have come to recognise that we as humans are more alike than we are unlike. The diversity between us should grow more love and if it doesn’t, we must ensure that we “give” by teaching what is right and true; this is indeed how we go back to saying that we love truly!

We must invest in educating and empowering children. We need to do this so as to spread the beauty of Africa to the rest of the world.

To encourage our children that they can be great is to uplift them; to watch them closely while they are rising is to help them soar higher. I am so proud to have founded OneAfricanChild at a time like this. I am also delighted to be part of the world it is building for children.

In all we do, we must never tire of loving and giving. We multiply the world with many good by so doing.

Victoria Ibiwoye is a social entrepreneur and  founder of OneAfricanChild, an organisation committed to empowering and educating the African Child. She believes that the essence of life rests on the twin pillars of love and giving. She is currently studying Law at the University of Ibadan. She can be contacted via

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2 thoughts on “Victoria Ibiwoye: The Story of One African Child”

  1. What a passionate goal! If only everybody in the world will live to serve others selflessly, this world will be a “paradise”.Personally,I belief that “service to humanity is the best work of life”(in line with the last verse of JCI creed).So,in every work we find purpose in this life,service to humanity should take pre-eminence.In fact,Jesus Christ himself came for this purpose & fulfilled it by his death to safe man from the sure eternal damnation that awaits him.To our writer & CEO of OneAfrican child,Miss Victoria,I say a big time congratulations having found your purpose in helping lives.A non profitable organization you called it but I say it is “profitable”.Give a smile to someone & you will get two things in return- a smile & an appreciative heart.God helps you to fulfill in this assigment as you make life worth living for lives.


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