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Adetunji Ronke: Made To…

Worship is the Purpose of Life

After so many messages on purpose, how useless a life is without it, and how important its discovery is, I sat down under a sparkling August night sky and gave my thoughts free rein. I looked up to the sky with thoughtful eyes, in my mind, asking the One above what He’d have me do in my generation.

I have lived this long in this world, thinking that I am doing the right things. I’ve been getting busy with things that I thought are just what He wants me to do. I mean, those things feel right. When I talk about them, they sound right. To someone that does not know jack about purpose, those things look right. But that night, it dawned on me, that the greatest life’s failure is to be successful in the wrong assignment. That night, I came to know the biggest thing that needs an urgent attention. WORSHIP!

Worship to most of us is what we do only when we attend church services. It is just one of those program fillers in churches. It is what we do to while away time; something included to increase the number of items on the program list, or something we do while we wait for the main event of the program. But worship is way more than that.

You were made to worship!

Worship is the way we are supposed to live our lives, both in and outside the church,with the consciousness of the fact that life belongs to God. Worship is an offering of our everyday living. It is the act of embracing what God does for us, readily recognizing what He wants from us, and quickly responding to it. Really, when you think of everything He’s done for us, it is not too much to ask.

In line with all these definitions of Worship, I’ll say, Worship is not the main thing God wants from us. It is the ONLY thing. He has created us in His image, for His pleasure. Of that, we shouldn’t deny Him. And seriously, no one else deserves it. He alone does.

Under that starry night sky, I got my purpose. To worship God with my life, and to bring others to do the same. How do I do this? Through the only thing I know best to do; Music.

I am not coaxed to do it. I am Made to!

Adetunji Aderonke is a student of Veterinary Medicine in the University of Ibadan. She is a child of God who seeks to do His will and bring others to do the same.
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8 thoughts on “Adetunji Ronke: Made To…”

  1. Yes!Miserable & useless indeed is a life without purpose.I agree with you that the purpose of our existence is to “WORSHIP” the creator who has created us for that singular purpose,but in many forms.Warren makes me to understand & to personally express worship as the purpose of every other purpose.In everything God will want us do,irrespective of our professions,God wants us to worship Him through them. Even if you are a cleaner,worship God therein.That is why I agree worship is the purpose of every other purpose.
    If I indeed know the writer of this insightful guest post,I testisfy to the grace of God upon her life as regards the gift of “worship” through songs.I’m always blessed when she leads Praise & worship.May God continue to further hone your gift for His glory.Thanks.


  2. Worship is making everyday and every activity count for God. It is basically cultivating his presence and hallowing it all day long.
    A true worshiper is one who leans solely on God thru His spirit.
    Ronke, may the gift of God in you bring you before kings and may you remain relevant and never fail God.


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