The 3-P Principles for Setting New Frontiers


The Purpose-driven life is not a life of mediocrity. Purpose discovery is never an excuse for laziness or inactivity. In fact, he that has discovered purpose must learn to be innovative, always taking the initiative and lead in setting new frontiers. Purpose pursuers are usually proactive. To understand purpose is to realize that the first gift of God to mankind in the garden was WORK. Steve R. Covey wrote about the principle of being proactive in, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. He said that being proactive is not just about taking the initiative but more of being responsible for our own lives. Our behaviour is a function of our decisions not our conditions. He notes further that man’s basic nature is to act, and not to be acted upon. This point is critical to the pursuit of our Purposes. Nowhere in the scriptures is a vice discouraged and a virtue not suggested. We do not belong to a Kingdom that let things happen. On the contrary, we make things happen.

Allow me to share with you, very shortly, three principles that I believe will help you to begin to take initiative and set new frontiers. Understanding them and how they work should help you to, under God, walk circumspectly in our days.


If you will set new frontiers through the pursuit of your unique Purpose, you must be able to inspire others. It is passion that produces inspiration. In His epistle to the Romans, Apostle Paul talks about his obligation to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles. This, I believe is one of the most powerful secrets of Paul’s ministerial successes. His passion had grown into an obligation that rid him of any feeling of shame despite the dangers he had to deal with in the Pursuit of his Purpose. Passion is motivated by a vision, birthed from a conviction, and produced by a sense of Purpose


Perception is used here to mean Vision. Vision is the source of Passion. Your vision influences your convictions which in turn produces your passions. Myles Munroe affirms that the greatest gift given to mankind is not the gift of sight but the gift of vision. Throughout the Scriptures, we find men who did “great” things in their generation solely because they saw something others could not see. Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare! Perception is the energy for progress. If you will fulfil Purpose, setting new frontiers and breaking the limitations of your physical sight, you must be able to perceive what is presently invisible to others. This is what shoots you ahead of your peers and puts you on the road to setting new frontiers and breaking records of the visible.By the power of faith, God opens your eyes to see possibilities where others see nothing. Faith perceives as real what is not yet revealed to common sense.When you see with your physical eyes, you are limited by your fears. But when you see with your heart based on what you have heard from God, faith is produced to envision a better, bigger and brighter future. Your ability to hear God is a matter here too, for faith comes by hearing and more particularly, hearing the Word of God.


Purpose is the source of Vision.  You can only be internally motivated towards setting new frontiers if you have found the purpose of your existence and you are willing to pursue it even if you have to go alone. Your potentials to set new frontiers and make impact have been given to you within the context of your Purpose. Understanding Your Purpose would mean understanding that you are the answer to a question and the solution to a problem. Setting yourself in position to fulfil your purpose by refining your gifts is an effort on your part to bring about an increase in God’s blessings. Purpose gives you originality, genuine confidence and a sense of intrinsic value. Purpose prevents you from competition, comparison and jealousy. Your purpose is a God-given opportunity to set new frontiers in your generation. If you will set new frontiers, you have to discover God’s original intent for your life.

Let me conclude this by saying that men are looking for, waiting for and expecting something new from you. Your birth was not the entrance of just another human being. You are unique, distinct and whole.  You have the capacity to produce something new, unfamiliar, not seen, known or experienced before. The world is waiting to see new stuffs flow from you. No matter what you may have achieved thus far, there are still more lands to cover and new frontiers to set. Do not be contented with the little you have seen, let your limitation be God alone. Inside of you, God has prepared, long before you were born, the things which eyes have not seen, heard or even imagined. Don’t take it to the grave. Decide to die empty. Take the initiative; make the difference. See you next week!


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